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Thanks everyone, you are most likely all correct, i should just kick Dark Knight and Red Lanterns to the curb, i do love my Batman books but i guess ive got Batman Inc and Earth 2 to replace them with now. I hate quitting on things but those books have just gone from bad to worse...

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I know its terrible to want a title to be cancelled, but i really want to see Red Lanterns or Dark Knight cancelled, im collecting both out of obligation rather than actual enjoyment, if they get canned i can pick up something new...

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Cant wait for this, you can never have enough games based on comic books....this will be the first based on the new 52 wont it?

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I actually thought it would be Guy Gardner or Tim Drake, Alan Scott is a good choice though, with Earth 2 being pretty much a totally different place than the original place its a good time to shuffle the characters around and make some changes. There is no real reason why Alan cant adopt his son and daughter Batman style or have them with a girl before he realises he is gay. I think this is a great idea, we need more diversity in comic books, we need to reflect the things in the real world into our comic book universes and the only way anyone is going to notice or even give a damn about it is if they make it one of the top tier characters that will be central to a major book. Even if DC are doing this for the wrong reasons it can only have positive results in the long run, and if nothing else, have faith that James Robinson knows what hes doing.

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Thanks Billy Batson and Fantasgasmic, looks like ill be picking it up afterall lol. Ill need to go find the trade of the first half too so i can read it from the start.

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Does Batman inc still take place in the old dc universe or has it crossed over? I really dont need to add another Bat book to my pull list but if we are going to see cross over events then i guess i have no choice. For the record, i like the idea of Batman having a network of other Batmen and women but the Batman i grew up with would have done it all in secret. Just seems strangely out of character for him.

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I really like Genesis and think he has a great potential as a hero sometime in the future, maybe keeping a clone of another worlds Apocalypse dosent mean he wont try to ressurect himself anyway, it would be cool to see him do battle with his evil side. Of course i can see the Phoenix Force killing him before then, strange that a being of such potential should only appear a few months before one of the other most powerful beings in the Galaxy is due to make a return. Wouldnt suprise me to see Wolverine have to send this kid to his death to save everyone else after his fallout with Cyclops.

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Good for them, i know its all about image and i know its probably not the deep and meaningfull version of events gay readers are craving, but its a start right? Im happy to see DC and Marvel embrace a bigger world and hope they will continue to make their characters more diverse as they go on.

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@Godbreaker said:

im just.. i do want to see a BP movie, but lets be real

a black superhero, that is not as popular in mainstream like thor, hulk, captain america are.... i just don't see it bringing in big box office numbers

Hancock happened to get big numbers, but that is because of Will Smith.. who has a giant fanbase...

im just worried if it will be able to bring in sufficient numbers

cause lets be honest

there is a good amount of racist whites that will not want to see a black superhero.....

Get Will Smith to play him, problem solved ^_^

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Right now the book i enjoy most is Scott Snyders Batman, ive never read an incarnation closer to my vision of Batman since the animated series in the 90s. In these books Batman isnt invinceable, he isnt unbeatable, but against all odds, when his backs against the wall he always pulls through. I love how Snyder plays up just how smart Bruce is, he has a plan for everything and he will never stop, not ever.