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Couldnt be more excited about this, if anyone else had tried this i would have been worried but with Snyder behind the wheel i can rest assured that it will be cleaver, intelligently done and perhaps a little scary. After the Court of Owls i had no idea how he would follow up and top that arc, now i know ^_^

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@BiteMe-Fanboy said:

McDonalds never ceases to satisfy me. Mmmmmmmm Big Mac....

Just heading out for one now, love me some McDonalds...

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I hope so, Deadpool is pretty much my favourite Marvel character with only Venom and Ghost Rider coming close. Reynolds made a good Wade Wilson but id also accept Nolan North as a replacement ^_^

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Dosent matter how good the book is, if my girlfriend caught me reading that id be spending the next three weeks sleeping on the couch lol.

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Definetly Scarlett Johansson, i really dont like Anne Hathaway as an actress which shouldnt but does colour my view on her as a person, she just seems so far away and static in comparison.

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Im pretty sure that trailer is Chinese and not Japanese, the text is all wrong and since im learning (slowly) the Japanese language right now, the narrator is definetly not Japanese.

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Great selection this week, glad to see some TMNT love, i grew up with the Eastman and Laird series so i freaked when i saw a picture of Leonardo. Also glad to see my favourite DC girl Harley getting some love, isnt it about time she stepped out of the Jokers shadow and became a super villian in her own right? (Suicide Squad dosent count)

The Powergirl picture reminds me of how much i miss her old look, i know the boob window is silly but her new costume is just gnarley...

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I cant say i wouldnt have done the very same thing, i couldnt let him live after doing something like that to one of my kids, i know its wrong but id want him dead.

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Definetly Deadpool with or without his healing factor, a lot of people underestimate him because of his goofyness but never forget he is a stone cold killer and has been doing that for a hell of a long time. When the chips are down and it comes to it, Deadpool is one of the deadliest killers in either universe.

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I love Snyder's run on Batman, its been fantastically paced and his ability to mess with Batman is only matched by his ability to have him push though and fight back. Ever since the first issue he has been dropping clues here and there that when you look back make perfect sense. I wonder what else he has in that dark imagination of his....