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Has anyone considered that it might actually be The Joker? Sure he wouldn't have the tech...but its not like he hasn't teamed up with intergalactic criminals before..

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the only thing I liked about star wars was the jedi/sith stuff, could care less about han solo / millennium falcon(given it is almost as iconic as the score) but I could care less, that being said I do not know how I feel about the lightsaber shown from the thin "blade" to the hilt.

also why is a black guy as a stormtrooper upsetting/perplexing people? from what I can see/assume from the trailer this movie is going to either show both sides of the war or this guy seemingly abandoned after a battle and is deciding to switch sides. again pure speculation

I don't get the stormtrooper "weirdness" either. They've never shown the Empire to be racist in any way. They don't seem to like aliens of course, but human is human to them.

This! The Empire has only ever been racist against aliens, never against other humans, although they do only seem to have space British people in command positions.

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The rebirth of the Chaos universe...i feel like im in the 90s again, ive missed Ernie and his quest for Megadeath, time to read the old series again starting with Youth gone wild ^_^

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Excellent review, had dropped off comics for a few months due to moving house and the expense that generates, glad I have come back at a natural jumping on point.

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Absolutely loved it but now I miss the animated series more than ever. I'd love to see more even if it is only 5 minute blocks.

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@allstarsuperman: It does get very very good, slow first half of the season but the second half has been great.

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Looks great but why is Captain Marvel there? Where is Aquaman?

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Too funny, twice i nearly spat out my coke (The children are our future lol), love the t shirt by the way! That a custom design?

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@thorboy said:

Who are last 2 Downloadable characters?

Mortal Kombat's Scorpion and John Stewart (technically just an alt costume for Hal with a new voice over)

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So if Miguel is from the future he will know that this is the time period when Doc Ock took over Parkers body right? Im assuming something that huge would be known by any future spidermen but im not even sure how Spiderman 2099 plugs into the standard universe. Is it like Batman Beyond or is it an alternate universe?

edit - also, i seriously love Stegmans art, how does he make the pencils sing so beautifully?