Amazing Spider Man - Trouble on the Horizon

Covers issues 678-681

678-679 – I Killed Tomorrow

Written by Dan Slott / Art team: Humberto Ramos (Penciler), Victor Olazaba (Inker), Edgar Delgado (Colorist), Michael Del Mundo (Cover Artist)

So after recovering from Spider Island, Peter seeks a bit of breathing room. Sadly that’s not to be, with Horizon Labs unveiling of a possible doorway that can peer into a possible future. The creator of this ingenious device, is a gentleman by the name of Grady Scraps. Oddly enough, he’s one of the brain trust behind Horizon Labs that has been part of the leading from in scientific discoveries. But when the tides turn, its up to this amazing duo to save the day (and run into a certain Silver Sable!)

So how’s this two parter fair? Honestly I like this “cause and effect” tale, it works out in a clever fashion. Its never revealed if everything is changed, but it’s a possibility. Even Madame Web (Julia has taken the helm as M-Dubs btw* **Since the Gauntlet, with the original being axed by Kraven’s loved ones). Slott and his fearless team spin a fun tale that could unfold with any possibility and it works great. Oddly enough, it seems that Peter is trying to regain MJ’s trust again. And well there’s a certain moment with Silver Sable that readers just have to see to believe.

What makes this fun tale work is the art, done by Ramos. I have noticed that his style is getting a bit more softer, while retaining his edgy side from earlier projects. On the plus side, every attention to detail is there, especially the female characters, they each have a unique quality about them that is unique. (just glance by Mj’s face, and Silver’s.. its just lovely to see these two in the same story!) I gotta give kudos to the art team for this one, they take some different steps in creating a diverse tale and even mixing a bit of angles (like the show Person of Interest).

679.1 – Morbid Curiosity

Written by Dan Slott + Chris Yost / Art team: Matthew Clark (Pencils), Tom Palmer (Inker), Rob Schwager (Colorist), John Tyler Christopher (Cover Art)

Uatu (not the Watcher from the outside galaxies) but the kid that works within Horizon Labs. The team has been for a long time in the dark, with just home they are working beside. Their boss has been keeping them in the shadows in regards to partnerships, and projects outside work sourcing. As it turns out a certain blood sucker happens to be behind the scenes. (*and a special appearance from Reed Richards in a non-speaking role)

Within this side story, it actually gives a glimpse of the two sides and how close they actually are. From Uatu’s perspective, he knows things aren’t normal, things have been too quiet since the Spider Island incident (**some issues back – editor) And Peter, has been feeling kinda edgy, and not having a good day at all. What turns out to be a normal day at work, turns out to be an alliance like no other. Plus the art takes a darker, and heavy turn, but during the beginning it seems bright and uplifting. Until we are brought into the scientific labs where it feels a lot darker. (Kinda like “The Jackal’s lab! **way back – Spider Clone saga) And until the last scene, the readers are really left in the dark, till the last page.

Issues 680-681 – Road Trip in Space, Horizon We Have a Problem

Writers: Dan Slott + Chris Yost, Art team: Giuseppe Camuncoli (Pencils), Klaus Janson (Inks), Frank D’Armata (Color Crayons), Cover Art: Camuncoli + Janson + D’Armata

It seems to be a normal day @ Horizon HQ, Jonah Jr chatting it up with his son in space until they lose a signal. So its up to Peter to save the day! (But with one exception, he doesn’t have a spaceship yet he knows a family that does) So with a drop by to the F4 HQ, where Johnny (welcome back buddy!) has taken some r&r. With great haste, the duo sets off for the stars to find out what went wrong. But trouble goes by the name of an Octopus. Working together with John Jameson, the trio finds out that this isn’t quite over.

Being the opening act for the “Ends of the Earth” saga, this two parter is a fun departure from the past couple of issues. Plus its been awhile since Spidey has gone into outer space. Pairing up Spidey with Johnny Storm has got to be the most brilliant idea for a writing team. What makes it more fun is that it feels like a buddy comedy, which is something ASM has been missing for awhile. Although it doesn’t rely on the chuckles to make it a solid tale, it feels like a classic Spidey adventure, and that is a positive sign.

It still sends a chill down my spine with how Doc Ock’s body is now just a corpse.. just to think the poor guy has been axed in the past (by Kaine, an explosion, and killed by a psycho Kraven.. okay this could take awhile) So “Ends of the Earth”, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

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