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@shenkuei: What do you think would give Kabuto the edge in this fight?

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Kabuto Yakushi (prior to assimilating Orochmaru) is jumping the streets of NYC, landing on the rooftop of a New York City History Museum. Kabuto seeks the corpse of a mummified priest, who's body he plans to experiment on to reverse engineer the secrets of his powers.
The Superior Spider-Man swings on to the rooftop and tell the would be intruder to stop immediately. Kabuto seems ready to stand his ground. In this battle who wins?

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@greenteaforme: How do you feel about how the New 52 treated other heroes origins?

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@iheartzombies92: What do you think gives Superwoman the advantage in this battle.

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The Amazon Warrior of Earth3, is engaged with a plan of The Crime Syndicate to attack all the worlds major capitals at once. Superwoman has been charged with bringing down Washington. AN energy blast is shot in her direction and as Superwoman deflects it with her bracelt, she sees the direction she is being blasted from...
Captain Marvel with her fist bursting with energy and her mask taking form over her face, as she flies toward her rapidly. Superwoman flies upward forcing Captain Marvel to follow her until they stop when they are both ten miles above the capital building. They are both floating 50 feet away from each other. Superwoman has a joyful look of blood lust in her eyes. S.H.E.I.L.D. in conjunction with the U.S. government have given The Captain orders to protect the capital even if it requires lethal force. Let the battle begin!!!

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@son_of_tomorrow: When you are trying about Superman's invulnerability it makes things easier if you remember that his invulnerability is relative and not absolute. Relative to a normal human being Superman is invulnerable, but not as invulnerable as lets say Galactus. I hope that helps clear it up at least a bit. Cool Hashirama icon for your avatar by the way.

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Naif Al-Sheikh is on board a plain to a United Nations meeting to serve as a diplomat. From the comfort of his window seat, he turns his head to look through the window, and sees the super criminal Ultraman flying right beside him. Ultraman accelerates moving like a blur, leading to sever turbulence and Al-Sheikh's blacking out.
...The Crime Syndicate. From their base on an uninhabited island in the pacific, They plan on having Owlman brainwash Al-Sheikh so he can use his political unfluence and intelligence to help The Syndicate take over the world. Unknown to the team Al-Shiekh has set of a tracking device in his tooth sending a distress signal. The base begins to quake when all of a sudden....
Al-Sheikh awakens tied to a chair. Standing infront of him are none other than...
....The Justice League Elite crashes through the ceiling. Elite Mission: Save Naif Al-Sheik by any means necessary. Will the JL:Elite (Menagerie, Coldcast, Green Arrow, Sister Superior, Manitou Raven, Katsumi/Cassandra Caine & The Flash/Wally West) be a match for...
...The Crime Syndicate: Deathstorm, Power Ring, Owlman, Superwoman, Johnny Qiuck, Atomica & Ultraman. Let The battle begin!!!!

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I can see an argument being made that Wolverine may figure that the ninja is vulnerable to water, and since they are in an area surrounded by a lot of electrical wiring he may try to use it to his advantage.

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After being defeated by Wolverine time & time again, The Silver Samurai has decided to hire the outside help of a ninja from The Hidden Mist, Suigetsu.
The ninja in his professional manner walks the streets of Tokyo, politely asking people who are known friends of The Wolverine where he can be found when...
... from the roof of a Tokyo building he hears a voice shout "Right here bub!"

Battle Intelligence: Suigetsu was hired to bring in Logan to the Yakuza dead or alive. The battle takes place in the streets of Tokyo, where the civilians have fled from the fight scene. If Wolverine is only armed with is claws, and Suigetsu only with his sword who will win?