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Okay i believe i forgot to metion two thing.

First ,Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art is found by Joe Kubert himself ,who is a legendary comic book artist (sad thing he pass away in August 12, 2012) ,the shcool is basicly run by comic book artist ,you know so it's like....Avengers and Avengers academy thing ,comic book artist teach the next generation of comic book artist.

Second ,Kubert School is a non-degree school.

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Anyone else got something to say?

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Thanks for answering ,right now I’m trying to make my skill of art as professional as i can ,and i mean from pencil sketch to Photoshop coloring ,I’m already in a college at my country now ,but honestly ,i doubt those teachers at my school can help me at all since most of them are not from community ,even if they are ,they are from a second or third rate community. Well now i get to the point ,i want to be US because it's my favorite and most successful place of video game and comic industry locate (as we all know ,the other one most successful of those most successful industry is Japan ,but I’m no big fan of them) ,while in my country ,video game and comic industry are desolate. I'm not just plan to go to USA and steal people's job (not like lots of other Asian migration ,who went there simply because of money) ,no i want to become American ,I’m already prepare to forsake my own culture...even my family.

I know internet is a good tool for finding all those information ,but it's been 4 years(since i was 16) that i try to be the best i can be ,and the progress is very slow for me to self-learning ,I’m not as good as some of my colleagues who got some natural talent can learn very fast ,as matter of fact i believe I’m a slow learner and i just can't keep search the right way blindly ,that's why i believe if i can learn from professional artist at college i might get a better progress.

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Okay here's the thing in my mind i have to get off my chest ,i'm very eager want to work at western comic book industry somday in the future ,but there are more obstacle for me then normal people.

First ,i'm live in Asia ,which is a horribel place to learn how to be a western comic book artist or writer.

Second ,finding a job as foreginer at America is hard enough ,not to mention i'm target at comic book industry.(No i do not have green card or family at USA)

I know my odds are very VERY BAD ,but nevertheless ,i'm not quit the idea without a try so i need to ask this.

Which college is great for being comic book artist? better if they aslo teach how to be writer as well ,right now i'm target at The Joe Kubert School which is very famous for comic book education and becasue i heard they are very good at finding job for their students ,but of crouse i have my doubt they can help the kinds like me since it's going to take extra strength for both me and them to get a job there ,which make me now consdier try another school if they have better chance to find foregine students a job and chacne to stay there ,i'm not that naive to believe the first job i get when i graduate is enter comic book industry. No i believe it's going to be a long run ,but all i need is a chance.

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ever since Comicvine wiki starting to edit Panini Comics into the character's wiki i feel like it's quiet inconvenience finding informanion about comic books story and characters ,like the recently appear i keep want th catch up but those issuse of Panini Comics really comfuse me ,is it really need to add them into the comic appearances?

Also since website update there seem to be a lots of stuff is lost like some character's wiki.

I'm quiet sure i'm not the only one who talking about this but i can't find another topic like this.

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Maybe it's not something like this really will happen to X-23 ,you know like Avengers Arena #4 ,X-23 VS Darkhawk ,but they're not even meet...

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I am also concern about this very much ,it's not like i'm not willing to see this coming but this is a riskly move for Marvel ,if they didn't make this one good ,and i'm mean really GOOD like an EPIC ,she will lose her fans ,i'm not sure i have much faith about this part becasue most of the Marvel teenage heroes characters is not very attractive (there is some excption of crouse but not easy to find one suit her) ,the character suit for her need to be awesome character with good personality (like 16 years old Spider-man or someone like that ,not the "bad boy" type ,jeez) ,but most of the teen characters i saw from Marvel are still all kids ,no matter how much they been through they are still act like kid ,i think character with more mature personality will suit better.

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Glad you like it ,it's Trust Company's song

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