More my fan art...still trying .

Movie Version of Ghost Rider
Me draw Iron Man with Marker ,i tried hard but still didn't went well ,my classmate in other hand did a really fantastic job
I draw this when i knew X-23 2011 volume was canceled ,we are sorry ,Laura.
I practice this Lara Crfot on
This one is for fun
Done it last years

I'm still not doing very well but keep trying ,i wonder if i can make myself to Kubert School to learn how to draw better.


My not so awesome fanart

I'm not really good but I'm still learning

Ghost Rider
Happy Birthday to Alison Carroll the best Lara Croft
Kratos VS Wolverine
Yes ,this is X-23 ,i try to draw a bright version of her but it seem like it's not her anymore...
Happy Birthday to Laura Bailey ,she is an awesome voice actress
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