Council of Evil (Marvel)

So this list is just a bunch of super-villains I could imagine concocting schemes together (assuming they don't back-stab each other that is) with the sole purpose of crushing their enemies and taking over the world. Basically, a Legion of Doom of sorts for the Marvel Universe.

Any suggestions on who to add to this list are welcome as long as they follow certain criteria as:

1. They must be a major player in the villainy department.

2. They must have a lot of power in terms of abilities, political influence, threat level, etc.

3. Ideally they would be Arch-enemies to certain characters, but not all arch enemies have wide influence in Marvel's criminal underworld or any other thing related to evil.

4. The council's roster must be an odd number of members with either Red Skull or Doctor Doom as the leader. That way when they are in meetings, one could picture Doom or Red Skull sitting in the middle as a line separating an equal half of the even-number members on both sides of the leader.

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