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Midgard is pleased with this one, Thor. 15

It's late here and seeing as there's already an official Comic Vine review, I'm going to be brief and just use bullet points. If you want a more elaborate review, check the link above or one of the other reviews provided by fellow Viners. This, though? Simple pros and cons, yo.(Yes, this is spoiler-free)+ Humor. It's basically mandatory for Marvel Studios to implement levity into their movies -- no matter how dark they may be. Such is the case here and thankfully, there's a lot of big laughs. I ...

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An Epic Stroll Down Memory Lane 0

Holy sweet nostalgia, Batman! This is the best $3.99 you're ever going to spend. If you're a Turtles fan, there's literally no reason not to buy this. Even if you own an original copy of the 1984 Mirage issue that started it all, this will give you the chance to keep that copy nice and clean and use this fresh one for reading. And, if you've never had the chance to read the very first Turtles adventure (understandable seeing as the back issues are expensive and graphic novels are costly as well)...

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series #4 Review 0

Picking up directly after the events of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #8, the team splits up to find Splinter, but all Leonardo discovers is a mountain of Foot ninjas.The Good:This issue is nothing but pure action and Leo showcasing why he's one of the most talented ninjas among his brothers. There's quite literally only 2 pages of set up ("Let's split up and find Splinter!") before Leonardo comes face-to-face with a sea of blade wielding Foot ninjas. We get a look inside Leo's mind and it's nice...

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Venom 16 Review 0

Now a rookie member of the Secret Avengers, Venom oversees a seemingly effortless prisoner transport that quickly turns into an must-read bloodbath.The Good:It's simply amazing how writer Rick Remender can take such a basic premise and turn it into an absolutely awesome issue. Flash Thompson has one mundane mission: make sure The Human Fly, a character you likely don't care about or never even heard of, is safely transported on a high speed train to The Raft, a prison facility for superhuman vil...

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Go ninja, go ninja, GO! 0

It's such a rare and beautiful thing when a franchise can return from your childhood with the same vibe it once had and survive the transition to modern times. The turtles are every bit as lovable as before, there's just 90% less cowabunga being screamed and, thankfully, no Super Shredder to be seen. Overflowing with nostalgia and a whole lot of fun, IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is something both new and old fans of the heroes in a half shell should check out.But IDW knows one Ninja Turtle...

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Is it time for Frank's punishment? 0

If you're a fan of action, this is an issue you absolutely cannot miss. Even if you don't like the Punisher or don't follow him, it doesn't matter. The issue is extremely simplistic and follows one clear objective. The story? Norman is pissed at Frank Castle, and he's sending every resource he has to put him down once and for all. This includes an army of glider troops and none other than Wolverine's son, Daken. So does the Tommy Lee Jones look-a-like punish the Punisher? You'll just have to rea...

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You'll Enjoy this Punishment 0

I was really hesitant about giving this series a shot, since I've heard mostly negative things about the Noir series...This however, is amazing.   But how can you fit the Punisher in this series? Instead of being a Veitnam vet, he's now around for the WW1 era...And trust me, so far this origin actually surprasses the 616 version.    The artwork is nearly flawless for the story, feeling dark, gritty and bleak. I highly recommend this title to any fan of the Punisher, or just anyone looking to pic...

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Step aside Avengers, the Thunderbolts are running the show 0

Have I ever told you I absolutely love Andy Diggle? Because I do. Warren Ellis had a nearly flawless run on the Thunderbolts and it felt like no one would ever be able to even near its level of greatness. However Diggle not only picked up the title, but he completely slapped Ellis out of the way and made it his own. So what is one of the first signs of knowing a title is great? For me, it's when you have barely any interest in the characters, yet you find yourself emotionally attached to the sto...

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We always knew Barton had anger issues... 0

Clint Barton is fed up with Norman Osborn...So what does he do about it? Just like any logical man, he gears up and heads over to Avengers Tower, in an attempt to KILL all of the Dark Avengers and of course, Tommy Lee Osborn. Well, if you're looking for a no-brainer actionfest, you've come to the right place. Barton may be hot headed, but he isn't dumb enough to believe basic firearms could take down Ares or Moonstone. But I didn't mention Sentry? Well, apparently he KNEW Sen...

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Gambit's Origin: A Road We've Travelled Many Times Before 0

This is my first review...Enjoy (hopefully!)As a big fan of Gambit, I was extremely mixed on this one. Ever since the announcement of this issue came out, I've been wondering what this issue could offer about his past that we haven't already seen. Unfortunately, I was right and it really only elaborated on events we already know of.  That certainly doesn't make it a bad read, though. If you're a fan of Gambit, it will certainly keep your interest...Just not bring any twists or turns to the table...

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