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Might as well call @k4tzm4n: and @comicstooge:

Cool match. I think Crossbones and Batroc can give them some degree of trouble -- both characters can make Steve Rogers work for a win --but I think the TMNT's numbers advantage and stats will eventually give them the win. Batroc's an agile dude, but the Ninja Turtles are at home in this setting as well.

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@tparks: Comic Vine needs to meet their quota that every article has a Marvel reference in it tho.

Just for you, next week will be Captain Marvel vs. Captain Marvel vs. Ms. Marvel. Wait a second, we need Wonder Woman in there since she's the Character of the Month. Uh, I guess we can just say she's the referee.

But really, we've tried to use lesser-known characters and characters not from the Big Two. Unfortunately, traffic tends to take a noticeable hit when we do that. As for why Wonder Woman fought someone from Marvel, it's because I like to have the Character of the Month fight someone they have no knowledge about. I think that makes things more interesting and really makes people question how they act in a completely random encounter.

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We can't even get a Superman game, but you think a developer would take on Wonder Woman? Only Batman gets games, people.

Creating a good Superman game is waaaaaaaay more challenging. Wonder Woman manages to take some of the things a Superman game could do well (strength, flight), throw in a great melee combat system, and put it all in a fantasy setting. Also, the article isn't trying to say it's likely, just why it could be awesome. A man can dream, right? If the movie gets a lot of hype, it could make this more probable. But then it's a matter of whether they want to create a great game or focus on getting something out there around the same time the movie opens. Anyway, the potential is there and I thought that was worth talking about, especially since she's our Character of the Month.

Now this is an article I can really get behind. Although the #1 character who I think should get a video game is still Cyborg. Although you would hear no complaints from me if WW gets a game.

Hats off to you Mr. Katzman


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@k4tzm4n: oh, thanks man.

Out of interest has hulk ever been character of the month?

No, he hasn't. He'll definitely appear on the poll at some point, though.

And maybe in one of Diana's battles...

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@k4tzm4n: Here I was hoping for some photoshopping goodness :)

I don't have photoshop. Every custom image you see in these is made via Microsoft Paint. I tried to make one of a defeated Beta Ray Bill, but it looked terrible. Sometimes I'll just have to settle for a really, really cool image of the winner.

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How do we vote for the next character of the month?

In here or via twitter (very last paragraph!).

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How is it that I always miss these Vs polls? I even check this site everyday but I end up only seeing the results.

Because they're stealthy like that. The poll always goes live Monday morning and they're attached to the Battles Forum. If you still can't find them, I'd recommend clicking the "News" tab at the top of the page and scrolling through there.

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I would love it if they could find away to include Silver Samurai or Sunfire in a sequal

That would be cool, but they probably can't since Fox is using them. Or maybe it's one of those cases like Quicksilver where the studios can share? I'd love to see a better version of Silver Samurai in a theater.

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im guessing jane foster. she has a strong connection to thor, she is a recognizable name and face, she has became thor before in a what if story, she was dying of cancer so this power could have healed her or give her one last hurrah before passing. one thing was left out here was in her internal monologue she had before flying she said "I've seen thor do this hundreds of time" then swings mjolnir to fly. my guess is she was chosen by freyja to be the new thor. freyja is definitely involved in one way or the other

Interesting theory. One correction though: The Goddess of Thunder doesn't say she's seen how Thor flies "hundreds of times," just that "I've seen Thor do this before."

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You think the killer is Cupid?? What are you? Stupid? ;)

No, I don't. I wanted to bring up a discussion on whether it could be. I still think the death has a connection to Malcolm or Ra's.