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@edstone1 said:

@k4tzm4n: Hm, I was expecting the "beating a dead horse gif". Based on your MOS- review it's obvious that script and acting isn't on the top of your list when reviewing movies and cool fight scenes,soundtrack etc. is. I'm curious, which actor of this cast do you think has the acting prowess and charisma to lift this movie over mediocracy?

Honestly, why do you think I'd wish to have a discussion about movies with someone who's jumping to conclusions based on a single review and assuming there's only one correct opinion about the quality of Man of Steel's performances and pacing? By that logic, shouldn't I have loved or given mostly favorable reviews of TF4, RoboCop, and TMNT? All of which had a mostly enjoyable soundtrack, topnotch visuals and entertaining action sequences. Based on your post, does that mean every other critic who gave the movie a very positive review doesn't care about performances and script? You'd assume Jim Vejvoda (9.0/10) and William Bibbiani (9.5/10) also don't value script and performances? Obviously those are critical parts of a movie and obviously, our opinions differ on those elements when it comes to Man of Steel.

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@smashbrawler said:

@micah: Look, I agree with you, all that would indeed make for a truly compelling story... but these aren't the characters Taylor is supposedly writing. This isn't Superman and this isn't Hal Jordan, it's pretty obvious Taylor got bored of character development and decided to start moving things forward. If this had been something like "Injustice: starring the Justice Guild, whose members include Hyperman, Darkman, and others" I wouldn't have nearly as many problems with this story as I do now.

@muyjingo said:

Ever since they have had Superman killing without remorse after Joker, that was out of character and so was everything that followed for almost everyone.

They were attempting to tell the story of Superman's fall, yet they failed. They just had him snap and kill GA and then be ruthless after that without good reason.

Exactly. The first year had actual character development and even though I still didn't completely buy into Superman's story at least Taylor made it feel actually compelling. All Year Two has been is "Oh my god, someone died!", "Oh my god, a superhero did something evil/ruthless!" and "Oh my god, something happened that obviously won't stick!" (Superman becoming a Yellow Lantern), all of them without rime or reason.

I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with some of these events happening "without rhyme or reason." If anyone on Earth thought Superman could be redeemed or he's the right person to protect the planet, the broadcast of him being selected for a yellow ring and how he acted should finally solidify the fact that he rules through fear and power, not respect and legitimate concern. He's been twisted beyond repair at this point and the world will now see him for who he truly is. Sure, we know he won't hold onto the Yellow Power Ring, but I'd say it served its purpose. Plus, there's the simple appeal that Kal-El with the Yellow Power Ring vs. Ganthet will probably be really, really entertaining :D

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@ironangelx said:

Very good article.

Thank you.

@edstone1 said:

Guess Katzman's five star review for this is already a sure thing.

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@claymore1998 said:

Sorry minor spoilers ahead...

But Ganthet, after the last issue, decided to just sit there and watch Superman kill other Green Lanterns right, left and center… because??

It was cool to have someone like Ganthet show up in the series but his appearance here made very little sense. Why not stop or at least try to stop Superman even if he couldnt (though i am unsure why he couldnt have simply slapped Clarke senseless),

Ganthet was in the middle of a huge battle and what Superman did likely occurred pretty quickly. It's the same reason why Hal was oblivious to what happened with John Stewart -- everyone's occupied in a battle. I'm confident we'll see him clash with Superman in the next chapter.

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@meatwadf said:

It's funny, because the Iron Man being well known thing isn't really all that true. Kevin Feige (I think) mentioned in an interview that when they were trying to get the first movie started up, a lot of the people they talked to out in LA thought he was a robot or something. As to Thor, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the general public really didn't have a clue about who he was until the movie hit, also.

Sorry if I was unclear in the article, but the implication isn't that people have a moderate degree of knowledge on those characters, just that a fair amount at least know of their existence and the bare basics of what they look like.

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@muyjingo said:

Also, Bruce is clever and Lex is brilliant...whaaaat? Both are brilliant. Just not under the pen of Johns.

Later on in the article: "We have a character who needs to be the symbol of hope, two brilliant humans..." Who do you think the bold part is talking about? ;) Also, calling Bruce "clever" in the sentence you highlighted doesn't automatically imply he isn't also brilliant. "Intelligent" is a synonym for "clever," after all. I just didn't want to be redundant and use the same adjective twice in the same paragraph.

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@rogueshadow said:

Ignoring the quality of the film, I don't think Ben Affleck was bad in DD...plus he's one of the best directors active in Hollywood, I hope he directs the Batman films and think he probably will.

He's a good actor who is six ft. three and ripped to sh*t, what more do people want from Batman? Seriously?


Yeah, Affleck has a good relationship with WB so I'm also hoping he can direct the next Batman movie.

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Hey @k4tzm4n, I'm assuming Cyclops has his visor, not his glasses, yes?

I just wanted to be sure since this is a random encounter, with no prep.


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Wolverine's not taking the CotM loss very well and demanded to fight Scott asap. Don't worry, there's more good battles on the way!

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