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How many have already voted?

Right now there's almost 2,000 votes.

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@supbatz said:

I pretty much agree with everything said here, EXCEPT the fact that skill is focused on so much. As a group, I feel like comic book fans tend to focus on how capable a fighter or how badass a character is before they pay any attention to characterization. Son of Batman's Deathstroke didn't just fail because of his lacking skill-set. He failed because he was bland, the changes made to the character were in poor taste, and because he was poorly developed. I don't mean to imply that comic book fans didn't notice and comment on this as well, but sometimes it seems like people put the action above the characterization, which doesn't set a great example for the minds behind there lackluster films.

Long digression aside, on a scale of 1-to-10, I don't think we've gotten anything higher than a 7/10 since TDKR. Assault on Arkham was the only movie I enjoyed in the past few years, and even that doesn't scrape past a 6.5/10 in my book.

I have almost no hope for Batman vs. Robin after being so disappointed with Son of Batman. These films did fine before they tried to fit everything into a shared universe. Maybe it's time we get back to that.

Thanks. I focused on that because giving him entertaining fights could have compensated a little for having a lackluster character. I figured the opening line in that paragraph ("the recent movies haven't been creating interesting or compelling villains") and then calling him a "total chump" helped express the fact that I was also displeased by how his personality/agenda was handled. Sorry if that wasn't clear enough.

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@inferiorego said:

The Thing is orange, not dark brown!


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@loppez said:

Are you kidding me? Black johnny storm? What's next? White Black Panther? This is wrong.

Black Panther is the first black superhero and he's part of a royal family in a nation in Africa. His skin color is an important part of who he is and changing that drastically changes the story. I can't say the same applies to Johnny Storm at all. Being adopted (or is it Sue who's adopted? Doesn't matter either way) doesn't take away from the family dynamic at all, and that's what's important for him in this one. I don't see how being white or black changes his charisma, either.

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I would've voted Aquaman, but the $%#ing voting session expired again

Refreshing doesn't fix it? If not, what about using a different browser?

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"Voting Session Expired"


Refresh. That should fix it.

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Have you ever picked a side on any of these?

And it's always so tempting to highlight your "TOOO CLOOSE TO CALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!" posts.

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@noaudio said:

This is a hard choice, I want to vote for everyone on the list


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@namor_curry said:

@k4tzm4n: I posted this thread 26 days ago. Good try.

And you're assuming I search through the battles forum before making these, which isn't the case. So, "good try" back at you? If there's a brilliant scenario thread or gauntlet, I'd understand the desire to point out you had the previously had the idea. But trying to take credit for a basic couples 2vs2? Come on now, that's just silly to assume this was inspired by your thread that I never even saw.

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@namor_curry: How about no. Original idea was Reed Richards/Invisible Woman, but wanted to balance it more and people were constantly demanding Namor. So, the switch up was obvious. Also, @Olalde79 suggested it via twitter and @god_spawn also suggested it, so if anything, credit would go to them.