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I miss how there used to be honorable mentions at the bottom of the page and it was like "wolverine vs. A stop light" or something silly from an issue that came out that past week. Hopefully that makes sense and yall know what I'm talking about

I had a lot of fun writing those, but the segment takes so long as it is, so adding even more work ("I need to make sure every possible honorable mention is in there and include at least one or two funny ones!") was a pain. Hopefully you still enjoy the segment without those :)

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@max8800 said:

is there a way to "subscribe" to the secret wars event????



I don't think you can yet. The first issue is still 4 months away.

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Gambit #1 is the first comic I remember buying with my own money.

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@ultron345 said:

@drellassassin: Just to clarify. This is a huge event in the world of comics. Only an IDIOT would expect them not to cover this with a microscope. My point was his phraseology was so clearly pro Marvel (all of their contributors are guilty of this, so it isn't a specific charge to him) with the 'what gives' comment . I am a fan of objectivity and fairness and I cannot recall (granted this is solely based on my experiences) this kind of terminology used for ANYTHING ELSE besides Marvel.

P.S. Marvel is not the comic industry to be pro comics does not mean to be pro Marvel.

You're seriously going to read into a comment so trivial as "what gives"? It's just a fun jab, and honestly if you read any of Greg's reviews and posts, it's pretty evident that his favorite comics aren't Marvel ones (not that that's bad, everyone has their favorites). Also what I meant is that of course they're pro Marvel because they're pro everything, whether it's DC, Image you name it. They (and most of us) all want to see these companies succeed and do their best because that means better comics for us.

Correct. That was my intention anyway; a lighthearted jab at people not following comic news over the past several months. Seeing headlines about this event has pretty much been impossible to avoid since they've unleashed so many announcements. As for the actual coverage of the announcements, I did my best to report it without giving any positive or negative opinions about what Marvel is doing. I wanted readers to form their own opinions with zero influence before ending the article.

We were invited to a big event and I was there to relay everything important that was stated. If DC/Valiant/Image/IDW/whatever wants to host something like this in New York, I'll gladly attend. Assuming we're invited, of course :P

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@starbrand1 said:

LMAO at this guy saying

"ELEKTRA is without question one of Marvel's best titles -- that's a fact, not an opinion!"

Is crack cocaine being passed around these guys podcast table?

Thanks for taking the time to respectfully disagree!

I'm also not on the podcast.

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@k4tzm4n: I'm surprised Omega Red isn't on your list. He used to be a monster.

He's up there, but I didn't want to list every option I was considering! Besides, he's coming back in Deadpool's comic and I have faith in Duggan/Posehn.

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@k4tzm4n: Between Convergence and Secret Wars, which are you looking forward too more?

As of right now, Secret Wars.

@sophia89 said:

@k4tzm4n: Fav comic?

Fav character?

Right now, it's ELEKTRA.

I think Deadpool or Damian Wayne.

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@k4tzm4n: It makes sense too. Since he gives them his gun to shoot him with. And how he was ducking Diggles shots from his own.

It sure does. It's a good way for them to give a nod to his durability within the comics while also playing within the rules of their world.

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I think Brick's whole trick is that the gun he gives his opponents is severely underloaded. The sound effect of it firing sounded weak and Dig's reaction seemed less like "But I shot you!" and more like "What's wrong with this gun?"

The thought hadn't crossed my mind. Interesting.

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@derbykid said:

Thanks for the comic background on Green Arrow vs. Brick. And, I agree. I think Brick is a great villain so far.

I was really surprised they revealed Ollie being alive so soon as well. I guess they didn't want the audience to think he was gone, never to return and thus stop watching the show, but come on. Create a little drama in that suspense. Also? Him surviving via the Lazarus Pit is way more believable than any excuse they'll give. He was stabbed and pushed off a very high cliff. Wouldn't he break his back/legs/arms or snap his neck or have some kind of other wounds from that? If we're not gonna give Laurel a real Canary Cry because "realism"...let's make Oliver's fall realistic.

Yuuuuuuuup. When they had that shot swoop down the cliff, my immediate response was, "If the stab wasn't fatal, that fall certainly was."

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