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@fujitora: Incredibly lucky. Strong relationship with my parents, found someone I want to spend the rest of my life with (and luckily she feels the same way), and I've had some amazing experiences in my career.

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Who do you think should play the role of Ninjak on the big screen?

I'm sure there's many actors out there - actors I haven't heard of before - that are perfectly capable of the part (British accent, confident, clever, tough). But based on this image, I think - and I know this may sound like blasphemy - a bulked up Nicholas Hoult has the potential to do a good job.

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Not sure if there's already a thread for this (if so, point it out and we'll lock this one), but I was recently thinking about all of the modern trades I'd like to collect. The short Blackman/Del Mundo Elektra run, Lemire/Sorrentino's Green Arrow, and a few others immediately came to mind. So, I'm wondering what your favorite modern runs are. Let's cap it at 5 years-old and please try your best to limit it to 5 runs. No honorable mentions; no need to put 'em in order, either.

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Omega Red. The guy can take hits from Colossus and multiple stabs from Wolverine. Not having spores will give the team a better shot, but life drain will be the thing that allows Arakdy to take the win. His health and energy will improve as theirs lessens, and I don't think it's likely they'd quickly eliminate him.

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Oh, and speaking of Deathstroke and him being all talk, the latest issue of Robin: Son of Batman gave him some pretty bad dialogue:

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This version of Slade continues to be all talk:

But hey, at least he was pretty badass in Origins and his design is awesome, right?

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I wish CNN made candidates elaborate on their own previous comments (regarding potential policies, of course) instead of pitting them against each other. "He said this about you! He said this, why do you disagree?" It reminded me of the producers in Unreal (which is a great show, by the way). They're bound to disagree - or agree - with another candidate's answers, so let that debate occur naturally instead of bluntly attempting to make them argue right away. It just seemed so petty to me. For example, on the subject on illegal immigration, why ask someone else what they think of Trump's previous statements instead of simply asking how they'd address the matter? If the objective is to call out Trump on nonsense, direct the question at him. "You've said ___, but ____. Can you elaborate on your plan?" If he can't give satisfying answers, that's on him, and it'll give others the chance to speak up and share their own ideas - or at least it should. I also wish there was less question dodging and pandering, but I guess that's going to happen no matter what in these kinds of things, isn't it?

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@k4tzm4n: any thoughts on this fight, man?

It's tough to say since Shooter fought a version of Strode that was heavily restrained. I think Shooter was awesome (I agree 100% with Petra's comments), but I think Jack might have the edge - I need to reread his fights. I've asked Jordan about it, though.

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@lukehero said:

@k4tzm4n: Yes, they can be.

I'm still thinking - you're asking me to determine the fate of a cinematic universe, after all. Don't be surprised if there's a lot of street level stuff.

Do you have a diploma?

Yes, I have a BA.

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@lukehero: Just to clarify, can any of the "new" movies be preexisting titles? For example, Avengers, Suicide Squad, and Justice League? There'd of course be a crossover event with them, but it's important to have their own movies, too.