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@simonm7 said:

Here you go Katzman. Sorry for the somewhat rushed 'shop, but I sped up when I realised what I was wasting my friday night doing. :D




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@the_tree said:

It's Jason Aaron next week.

Wolverine and the X-Men vs. Thor: God of Thunder.

no animated GIF

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Seems like Thor is always on here. I will get around to reading the whole thing when it's on Marvel Unlimted.

But for the Thor vs Superman fights......i hate those what characters will win fight. Let me answer every what character would win fight with one sentance.

Whoever the writer decides to win will they can have Doop beat Superman if they want.

Honestly, Thor: God of Thunder hasn't made too many cameos in this segment.

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Agh! There's a typo in my comment (Thanks for picking it Gregg!) that I didn't catch!

That Watchmen won this handily was unsurprising. It's a fantastic book. V for Vendetta is better though, so as long as 71% of you are aware that you are wrong, it's cool. :-P

Where is it? I'll make the edit.

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@amazingwebhead: Don't worry, I sincerely doubt it'll flop. The show is currently a marketing machine, so I imagine this will lure in A LOT of kids.

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AH! I never saw this poll! I would have voted Watchmen though.

The poll goes live every Monday and closes Friday morning (ET).

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@flopsop200: Ah, the old "the concept alone is ridiculous, so who cares how they handle it" argument. Well, as a big fan, I do. There's a difference between making good changes and making changes that seem to add nothing good to the picture -- throwing tons of attire on them appears to be the latter.

No, I'm not joking. They appear to be significantly larger than in the '90 film -- by a few feet, at least, and bulkier, too. In fact, Raphael doesn't even look like he'd be able to make it through a smaller manhole in the city. And Donatello wearing a giant backpack? It's only common sense that would be counter-productive if someone is trying to be nimble.

As someone who grew up with the franchise -- born in '85 -- I can tell you I didn't find them creepy at all in the first two films. Unless they're mutated humans, the changes to their facial structure seems very, very odd.

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I'm not sure about their facial expressions looking so human now (even though I kind of knew this was going to happen anyway), but what I'm more concerned about is if they could get their personalities right (Mikey is playful and the comic relief and Raphael is the tough and hot headed member of the team). It would be interesting to see how this movie plays out though. Great article k4tzm4n!

Thank you very much!

I actually like the design of the Turltes in this movie. It's what I've been hearing of the story and their originals along with Shredder thay has me VERY worried :-/

Rumor is the REAL Shredder is located in Japan. I guess think of this as the U.S. branch?

I'm one of like 10 people on the internet who actually likes the Transformers movies. But this movie just looks completely awful. I'm not saying that as a Turtles fan, either. It just looks really, really bad.

Nah, I loved the first one at the time, enjoy the third (could use some major trimming), and despite some terrible editing and humor, at least the finale of the 2nd was enjoyable.

@blackpan1her said:

I don't care about the aesthetics,that,s fine, but they still put lips on them... WHY DO THEY HAVE LIPS?!

This is really my biggest issue. Reptiles...don't have lips.

As for the other aspects, I consider it like the clothing one wears. You dress fitting to your own personality, style, and sense of self. So Raph may not NEED sunglasses, but he likes them. Mikey may feel attuned to the old late 80's-90's skater culture, so he digs hoodies. Leo is obviously the most tradition-bound of the team, so prefers the traditional look.

I get it isn't REQUIRED, but it is reflective of their personalities. Now, I'm sure someone's thinking: "well they're turtles, why do they need clothes?" Well, they don't. But why do most comic book characters do some of the things they do? Well, it's who they are. Who they are written as. Now as to why it was never done before? Who knows, maybe it never came across anyone's mind. Maybe humanoid, talking, ninja-crime fighting turtles was enough. Now that people are familiar with them, you can grow them a little more each time.

I'm not saying I LOVE the designs. I'll always prefer the more original look (although the current cartoon found a fantastic balance, as has IDW) but it doesn't bother me. It doesn't turn me off from the film.

Likewise, but... it's not exactly appealing, either!

Why is Raphael's shell hanging onto his naked back as if not attached to him? It looks like he's got a kiddie pool on his back. Is that just unfinished CGI?

You know, I didn't notice that until you pointed it out and now it's really bugging me.

@k4tzm4n: 1) I don't think they'd find those things as easily in the sewer, but you have a point. 2) I saw the fan-edits, and I just couldn't take them seriously. As much respect as I have for the classic looks, I think the actual design for the movie says "human/turtle hybrid" rather than "anthropomorphic cartoon turtle".

T'was a joke, man ;) Well, yeah, they're fan edits, but the point is if the studio -- with its ample budget and all -- applied that design to the film, I have a feeling it would look better. But, like I said in the article, I'm hoping these lips/noses are at least warranted because they're humans that were mutated. Only time shall tell.


@amazingwebhead said:

Here's my thoughts:

  • They live in a sewer. The fact that they're dressed up with random stuff like that shows it.
  • Of coarse they put such an emphasis on unnecessarily looking cool. (Like unused sunglasses) They're teenagers!
  • "The lips and noses look creepy". Dude, mutant turtles! Were you expecting them to look like cartoon characters? Everyone else apparently was.

I completely agree with you. I've never seen a Michael Bay movie in my life, so I don't know what to expect, but I don't understand the whole "ruining my childhood" stuff. Unless you're still a child, it's not ruining anything and if you were a child, a movie wouldn't ruin anything, you'd just go play or do something else. Run for your life- MAN BABIES! You don't have to watch it, and maybe some kids will really enjoy it.

I appreciate this article and thanks for your thoughts Gregg!

Yeah, the "my childhood" argument is silly. Literally everything from this franchise is easily accessible right now and no one is forcing people to see this movie or treat it as the new status quo. And you're welcome, thanks for reading!

@lvenger said:

"Give in to your hate Katzman. Let it flow through you. Give in to your anger!" You know you want to :P

But seriously excellent critique of the Turtles redesigned costumes. They do look way too clunky and way too overblown on screen to work well enough.

Ha! Thank you.

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@devil_driver: Gotcha. I only saw the "batman would trap him in a bank vault, not fight him" tweet.