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@alexander505 said:

He has outfought, outsmarted and outmatched Deathstroke in a fight in Deathstroke #5 and now he's been defeated against Kraven? Really?

There's very important context you're completely disregarding. Deathstroke comments he's "fighting like an amateur" because of how I-Ching altered him. "I'm slower. Weaker. It's taking me longer to process my thoughts." He commented having two eyes was throwing him off as well. If you think Batman wins, that's fine. But him giving a weakened Slade a good fight -- one where Harley Quinn helps him, too -- isn't exactly the best example around.

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Does Kenshiro have a gun? That's Kung Fury's only weakness.

Follow-up question: who's Kenshiro and what has he ever done to justify posing any kind of threat to Kung Fury? (Yes, I'm not interested enough to google it myself.)

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"In the Old Man Logan story line, Logan is pushed to do the things he does in order to save himself and those close to him. In this SECRET WARS tie-in, he's become almost an investigator and savior for people."

At the end of the original Old Man Logan, he sets out to right the wrongs of his broken world. I don't see how him actually do that here is unfaithful. Seriously, this is EXACTLY what he said he was gonna do.

"You really gonna bring the law back to this country?"

-Why not? Got nuthin' better to do. [...] I figure I've kept my head down long enough.

Thanks for the reminder. Haven't read the story since its release (shame on me, I know), so I didn't remember the final remark. I was just left assuming he'd now be motivated to continue his mission after what he went through.

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Completely agreed that this issue is just really, really good set up for a handful of story elements.

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I loved it and I get where you're coming from, but I viewed it as now that he's reached the stage of popping his claws and finally willing to fight back against the evil that lives in his world, he's attempting to "clean up" the place and give Hulk Jr. a better future. Or maybe I'm just crazy and thinking there's depth where none exists and he's actually just being written a little out of character? That's possible. Anyway, I really hope the book remains mostly in Old Man Logan's territory; I feel like there's still so much potential there. And yeah, sweet mother of all that is holy, Sorrentino and Maiolo are amazing.

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A bloodlusted X-23 is a frightening thing. A bloodlusted T'Challa? Even more frightening because the dude has serious skill and some brutal ways to attack. X-23 shouldn't be underestimated and saving her foot claw for a surprise attack could be a game changer, but T'Challa's skill and the damage he can do with those claws should give him the win here.

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@k4tzm4n: You hush up. Batman has a spotless record in the 'Does Batman Always Win?' segments...right? -.-

*Batman wins*


*Batman loses*


I'm just glad most people were apparently able to enjoy the discussions.

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@kramotz: First and foremost, if you'd like for anyone to actually take your opinion into consideration, you may not want to insult everyone who disagrees. Secondly, popularity has nothing to do with the verdict. What does happen to affect the verdict is tactics, gear, skill, and physicals. If you disagree with my verdict, so be it; you're allowed to. But claiming it's due to popularity is blatantly false.

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Avengers definitely take it. Captain America's skill, physicals and shield means he alone at least has the potential to keep Shredder occupied. Throw in Falcon shooting Shredder, Hawkeye using arrows, Black Widow's agility and tech, and then War Machine's strength/flight/blasts and you have a fight that Shredder's very unlikely to win.

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@cdw101 said:

It was a load of crap!!! People who enjoyed this probably loved n bummed Godzilla aswell!!

Sorry to disappoint, but I thought Godzilla was just okay.