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@iridium said:

So many of these characters are so amazingly cliche'ish. Cyclops, Wolverine, Batman, blah, blah, blah.

Give us The Tick, X-O Manowar or Black Canary.

If you want the X-Men, fine, but how about Bishop, Kitty Pride, Longshot, Thunderbird or Cannonball.

Traffic needs to be taken into account and this segment is far too young to take a risk like that. In due time, we'll branch out and use lesser-knowns/non-big Two characters, but right now, we need to make sure this monthly segment is on radars.

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I can't believe Gambit isn't on this list! He's my favorite... Well, I voted Cyclops.

He's mine too, but I had to cast aside personal preference and go with something that I think would also good variety and have also proven to be popular characters in other segments.

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@joshuadbr said:

@perfect_10: Hmm, good point. I was hoping we'd get Wonder Woman last month. But obviously there was no stopping Batman. Maybe we should try to start some conversation in the forum and get everyone on board for making sure we get a female hero of the month soon.

If someone really pushed for it, Wonder Woman could have absolutely won last month! There were only a handful of votes in the final 24 hours and the race was so close. A WW fan could have shared it on a WW fan page or reminded fans to vote and it would have made a difference. The poll hasn't even been open for a full day; plenty of time for the tide to shift if someone really works to make it happen ;)

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Cyclops gets so much hate, but he's my favorite. I was thinking maybe Nightcrawler, but my vote goes to Scott.

He's currently dominating in the poll!

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surprised there weren't more options like the rest of the original 5 - Beast, Angel/archangel, and Iceman - or more of the "second team" - specifically Colossus. Or other classics that have been prominent for decades like Kitty Pryde, Rogue or Psylocke.

It wasn't easy, but we narrowed down the options to just five characters from the team and we're hoping that'll make it a tighter race.

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@tim_drake4444: @tim_drake4444: I know it might be too late to do this but I have an idea for an upcoming match. What about this one Batman versus The Punisher.

Sorry, but this was Batman's last Battle of the Week.

Also, Batman wins that one :P

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@madeinbangladesh said:

I don't want anything from SONY after horrible ASM 2.

Well, I guess it's a good thing no one is forcing you to buy a ticket :)

@lvenger said:

"Feel the might of my laser powered nipples Spider-Man!"

No but seriously this is a fantastically written article Gregg, though I have accidentally spoiled myself about what happens in TASM2. Ah well it's my fault for not seeing it and Gwen dying was inevitable based on the trailers I guess. Though I was confused as to why you used Kraven's Last Hunt as your basis of the piece, you justified it really well. If this is how they do Kraven for TASM3, I'll be all for it.

Ha, thank you!

@anjales said:

@k4tzm4n said:
@anjales said:

In order for a Kraven's Last Hunt inspired movie to work, Kraven needs to be the central villain of the movie, and let's face it, it doesn't seem to be the case. The previous movie all but teased that the next movie will feature the sinister six as the main villains, with the Goblin being their leader. Sony seems so determined on the idea that they're even giving them their own movie. The Sinister Six movie will probably give the villains their motivations and origin stories in order to establish them, and the next ASM movie will feature the main conflict with Spidey. Kraven's Last Hunt can only work if Kraven is his own man, and not part of a large group. I can see Harry pulling the strings, but Kraven should mainly work alone for this story to work. Now, it is possible that they can make Kraven the villain of ASM3 with Harry subtly pulling the string, and then in the end of the movie, Harry comes in with the rest of the villains, setting up the conclusion of the overall story in ASM4 (which apparently Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb don't seem to be attached to yet). Still I doubt they'd go with that direction, and the story can work but they have to make a lot of changes.

Appreciate you taking the time for that response! Well, this article is based on the idea that Kraven is given his introduction and a wee bit of development in Sinister Six. I think his time with that team could motivate him to pursue his own goals and almost prove he's "superior" to the others. If they do make SS a mostly Spider-Man-free movie, then yeah, ASM 3 will likely be vs that team, and KLH could work for ASM 4. It's still unclear how they're handling the future but honestly, it's tough for me to imagine they'd move forward with SS without Spider-Man being in it (perhaps that's where they'd introduce MJ, too). But we shall see!

Trust me, I would much prefer it if they went with the way you proposed, but realistically speaking, and I really hate to be a downer, I just don't see them actually focusing on one of the villains of the Six besides Goblin. There's just way too much ground to cover and unresolved plots from the past two movies. The mystery of Uncle Ben's Killer, the mysterious man who visited Connors and Harry, whether or not Norman Osborn is really dead, the aftermath of Gwen's death, the introduction of MJ, whether or not Felicia ends up becoming Black Cat and if the rumors are true the female led Spider-Woman movie, the rumored Venom movie and the possible introduction of Carnage. There was also a deleted scene where Peter's dad is revealed to be actually alive! With all that going on, do you think there is enough time to put the spotlight on one of the Six villains? They haven't even confirmed ASM4, and ASM3's direction is still uncertain, not to mention the other rumored spinoffs. From the impression that I got Andrew Garfield isn't involved in anything besides ASM3, I feel like it will focus on the villains with Spidey possibly making some cameos here and there, probably in CGI.

However, as I was writing this post several thoughts came to mind on how they can tie some of these plots together. I was going to post ithere, but since it seemed too long and drifted away from the topic I just decided to give its own thread in the Spider-Man forum here on the Vine. Check it out if you can I would love to read your thoughts.


I'll take a look tonight, thanks.

@granitesoldier said:

@k4tzm4n: Great article but I have one issue, and perhaps I just didn't read it correctly or skimmed over that particular part but I must ask: despite it being a great idea, do you really think they'd do it over the actual battling of the Sinister Six?

What I mean is since we are getting a Sinister Six movie I feel it is likely to be the team coming together, butting heads (they are villains and several have massive egos) and developing a plan and attack methodology to best combat Spider-Man. Now the problem is more than half the Sinister Six members haven't been introduced yet, so the average moviegoer won't know why these members (like Kraven or Mysterio) have beef with Spidey. I feel this means the Sinister Six movie may also have a series of "flashback moments" to establish Spidey having gotten in their way and stopped them from one thing or another.

This would logically seem, to me at least, that ASM3 will be Spidey combating the Sinister Six, as ASM2's tagline was: "his greatest battle begins here". I took this as the introduction of the Green Goblin and the allusion to the Sinister Six. I could see them going the route of Spidey gaining the symbiote and using that to his advantage to take on the Sinister Six, before having ASM4 cap it off with his confrontation with Venom.

This could allude to a Venom film (which we've heard announced if memory serves) between ASM3 and ASM4, which better establishes Brock as a character and why he hates Spider-Man (Spidey could "ruin" him somehow during Peter's encounter with the Sinister Six) and end the ASM movie series with Peter overcoming Venom. Person fanboy note: it'd be awesome if they ended ASM4 with Peter defeating Eddie, the government taking the symbiote, and the film ending with Flash Thompson bonding with the suit as part of Project: Rebirth.

I may have rambled a bit there but my point is while I feel Kraven's Last Hunt would be an awesome tale to tell in film, I just don't see it likely in the cards with what we have currently seen, what we've seen announced, and with how many films we know they have planned.

Would be an awesome idea though.


But really, this article was made under the impression that Sinister Six would include its big fight with Spider-Man. I know that's a big task, but after ASM 2 didn't do as well as they hoped it would, it's difficult for me to believe they'd take a risk and make a movie just about the team. I can see them having a Peter/MJ plot on the side and eventually Spider-Man has to fight them. It's a lot to tackle in one movie, but crowded CBMs aren't exactly new and I wouldn't be surprised if some characters were one-dimensional.

@tdk_1997 Thank you!

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@serrure: Sorry, but Iron Fist was Batman's final challenger since his time as CotM is coming to an end.

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@k4tzm4n said:

@entropy_aegis said:

@fallschirmjager said:


In this case it's STOP MESSING GA VILLAINS OMFG,this character is komodo in name only.

How do you know that? Even if he's just a "villain-of-the-week" it doesn't mean they can't get some key parts of the character right and keep him around for future potential.

Race change,back story incredibly similar to this show's version of Merlyn. I'll be surprised if he's anything more than random archer bad guy of the week.

To me, Komodo's skin color has nothing to do with who he is, so I don't mind that at all. But yeah, the bit with Emiko draws parallels to Thea's story, so that's why I said in the article I understand if they don't incorporate that aspect. As long as his personality stays in tact, has a connection to Oliver's father and in turn him, can challenge Oliver physically, and they leave him with some promise for future potential, I'll likely cool with it. Would I like to see his story presented how Lemire did it? Hell yes, but considering everything else that's going on in S3, I just don't see that as possible. But yeah, if he's just some forgettable boss battle with no depth, I'll be disappointed. As they continue to open the door to more powers, I'm really hoping Brick is eventually introduced as an up and coming crime lord.

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@digitalshooter9: No, I picked Iron Fist because people have been asking to see him fight Batman for a veeeeeeeeeeeeery long time. Dates back to "Does Batman Always Win?" Obviously, I believe Rand wins, but I'd say there's still plenty of room for fun discussion and, in the right hands, a good case could be made for Bruce.

Also, vs. X-23 proved it's not always a popularity contest.