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@cdw101 said:

It was a load of crap!!! People who enjoyed this probably loved n bummed Godzilla aswell!!

Sorry to disappoint, but I thought Godzilla was just okay.

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McAvoy's performance solos.

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Now, I'm sure some of you are thinking, "So don't watch the promos. It's that easy." To me, that's missing the point of this article. I shouldn't have to worry about witnessing game-changing moments and having the whole story spelled out for me in brief promos that air right after the episode ends. We should see footage that gets us excited and leaves us speculating

Also, plenty of other places make great promos/trailers that don't spoil big moments or hilariously take away from the impact a cliffhanger's supposed to make. It's not about choosing to watch the promos; it's about the promos needing to be handled in a better way.

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Was anyone else thinking, "Why didn't Eddie just shoot Reverse-Flash in the back?" The last episode proved he can be tagged with projectiles while he's distracted...

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Robin and Nobody II team up to take on another mission from the Year of Blood.

Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

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@jbreen said:

Are most theaters in the US as bad as the one's you guys seem to have around you?

Out here(New Zealand) I have never had an issue in a theater at all. You always have designated seats so no rush to try and find the best seat and if there is anybody who is too loud or ruining the movie for other watchers the ushers always have a word with them.

I live in the US and I have no idea where Mat and Corey find these theaters. I guess they're the big chain theaters that get huge audiences, but I go to a lot of privately owned theaters and big ones like Cinemark and rarely have bad experiences.

It's a problem by me, too. From parents not seeming to care about how to their kids act to groups of friends being obnoxious, it seems to be unavoidable in many movies I go to.

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@perfect_10 said:

@r2datu:you can have emotional depth without being subtle and forcing your audience to look for something. i.e. pitch perfect 2 and age of ultron.

i have no problem with "deep" films i just dont see how a film like this be that. i wasnt being critical of the film just not into this dark and gritty stuff as i've said before. what is cool and visually stunning to you just looks gross and creepy to me. give me clean pretty and happy over dark, dirty and ugly anyday

Having a preference over visuals and tone is perfectly fine, but your initial claim that fans are ignoring the writing just isn't true. I mean, it's even discussed the review above. The movie isn't being praised just because it has entertaining stunts and directing -- a more than fair portion of praise goes to the creativity and meaning that went into constructing this world and the handling of its few main characters. The overall story technically is incredibly simple, but no one is denying that and that doesn't mean the script is simple. Instead, many of us love how some characters are handled, the way the world is constructed, and what it says about humanity. So again, if the movie isn't for you, that's perfectly fine. But this movie isn't winning people over just because of visuals.

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@neghead: The Theory of Everything is next on my Netflix queue.

Seeing a lot of love for It Follows. I wanted to check that out but never got around to it.

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I voted for both because I'm content like that.

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Hey Viners,

Surprisingly enough, I didn't see a thread for this. So, if there is a "favorite movies in 2015" thread, let me know. I'll proceed to feel some shame and then lock this one. Anyway, there's always ways to list a bunch of movies and what not and I'm sure your list will change as we get closer and closer to 2016, but I figured this could be the place where you decide what your TOP 3 films of 2015 are. No honorable mentions. No lists beyond 3 movies. Stick to the difficult choice of narrowing it down to just 3. If you want to, go the extra mile and say why they're awesome.

For me, right now it's Ex Machina, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Kingsman: The Secret Service.