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Is this the third time in a row a DC character is character of the month? I remeber WW and then Aquaman? Am i wrong?

I think it's the fourth. I believe it went Wonder Woman, Damian Wayne, Aquaman, and now Green Lantern.

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@xwraith: I haven't kept current with Rocket's book, but looks like a fun pull list. Not interested in anything from Image/DC/etc. though?

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@k4tzm4n: Oh I know. I'm speaking for the community when I say he had the argument of the week haha.

Well in that case yeah, he most definitely did!

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I'm a bit surprised that John is winning

Unfortunately John Stewart fans managed to organise themselves on Twitter and bombard CV with votes for John Stewart despite not being full members of this site. Either that or many alts were created.

What was stopping T'Challa fans from spreading the word on social media? ;)

There's nothing wrong having CV users giving this site more traffic and raising popularity by telling other web users to vote for a character.

Yup. I've always encouraged it and hinted at it without blatantly telling people to do it.

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@granitesoldier said:

@madeinbangladesh: Clearly had the argument of the week.

I abstained from voting since I only know little bits about Aquaman and Namor and really next to nothing on Sue and Mera, but there were many interesting debates to be had this week. Good matchup.

I couldn't resist. Besides, I stopped calling them arguments of the week a long time ago. Now it's just seeing what the community had to say!

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A lot of people probably aren't gonna be happy with this outcome, and waste little time in making that clear. Just like with some other certain battles that happened.

But such is what it is with Popularity Contests.

Either way, regardless of what popularity so states. The debate says an proved otherwise. So that in itself is something, and one people should be content with, even if it an their effort doesn't get celebrated with it's own article and all lol.

Even though there's 3 posts highlighted which support Namor and Invisible Woman...?

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@lewismcgregor: That's excellent! Next time be sure to tag me and I'll include it!

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Just spotted this. Thank you so much.

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Need some honorable mentions Katzman! Other than that, I really liked that Thor vs. Thor fight

Dropped those a loooooooooooong time ago. The segment already takes a ton of time to research and write, so then needing to make sure every possible honorable mention is there (plus at least one funny one) not only takes way too much extra time, but it also costs way more money. Hopefully the usual ol' 3 highlights will suffice :)

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@xwraith said:

I've told at least three people that this is the perfect Valiant starting point.

@dman1366 said:

I have been pulling every Valiant title since they relaunched. They are the best publisher in my opinion. Their writers don't get bogged down with politics or "shock value". Their editors actually do their job and keep continuity and the "universe" stream lined. All of the story arcs, for any given title, have a clear beginning, middle, and end; which is accompanied with character development and steady pacing.

As for this title specifically, I have bought three #1 issues for random people at my local shop because I think it is that good.

A winner is you!

Fine, uncle, stop twisting my arm already, I'll read it

Let me know what you think when you get around to it, nephew.