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Iris is going to be so pissed when she finds out everyone close to her has been lying this whole time. But yeah, great ep tonight.

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@greenlucario: Thanks! Yeah, if they're going up to issue #100, it seems like the chances of seeing Leatherhead are pretty good!

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@perfect_10 said:

no mention of his daughter?

@stmichalofwilson said:

How come you didn't mention his relationship with his daughter or was that something that came later?

9th paragraph! I gave away so much of the first volume in the article, so I only wanted to address a few selling points of volume two.

To all of the kind words: Thanks! I really had a good time writing this one.

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@d9000 said:

Thanks for the question answer. I wasn't sure if Greg was perhaps not fond of public speaking... Or possibly mute.... Or possibly imaginary??

I think the best bad movie I loved as a kid was Independence Day, or Judge Dredd.

Thanks for the kind words about the Battle of the Week. Many have no problem sharing their very negative and blunt thoughts, so it's always greatly appreciated when someone says something kind or shares their criticism constructively.

As for the numbers for letters, man, I grew up with the 1337 stuff. I made the name back then and just decided to keep using it.

I was 11 when ID4 came out, so yeah, I love it, too.

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What were bullseyes power increases like? Anything impressive?

Seems like he had a slight boost to his physicals -- possible a little faster and a little stronger.

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@asgaard: no worries, man. And yeah, you have every right to strongly disagree with my reviews and I understand why it was such a polarizing issue (and series as a whole).

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@xwraith: yes, it's called Deadshot: Beginnings. I'd add a hyperlink but I'm posting via my cell.

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@killraven4334: You're jumping to conclusions. I never said I don't read the title. There's a difference between not reading a title and not rushing to read it before completing a weekly segment. When we have to read A LOT of comics AND write about them, some are saved for Friday or the weekend. That often applies to NEW AVENGERS and AVENGERS (unless it's recommended for the segment; something we ask of the community each and every week) because it's often focused on big, elaborate stories and not extended action sequences that can fit this segment's format. I don't want "credit" for anything there. I'm showing the claim that we're "uninterested" in Thor and the implication we wouldn't give him coverage simply isn't true. Oh, and just so you know, the user did imply that they understand how the remark can be viewed as unfair -- which I absolutely believe it is and I'm glad we moved past it and instead discussed what's relevant here: battles. And isn't it a little odd to call someone condescending and then say they're ignorant just one word later? Isn't that being very condescending? If you're interested in having a talk like we were in person, then yeah, I'll continue this talk. (My sarcastic response with evidence is exactly how I'd respond to someone telling me what I'm interested in.) But if it's in the same and very hostile tone, well, have a good weekend and take care.