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Apparently I'm the only person to vote fine with this. Probably shows my lack of knowledge about the toy market lol. I'm assuming barbies are bad things?

No, the article isn't saying Barbies are a bad thing.

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Voted for Hulk vs. Wolverine.

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Batman wins. The franchise makes it clear he's an intelligent and gifted fighter who can use stealth and a variety of technology when needed. He's faced a flood of villains - many with different strengths - and overcame. Brock's pain tolerance and hand-to-hand will make it entertaining, but when Batman really wants to end it, he'll be able to.

Also, I believe looking at a characters win-loss record and judging them based solely on that isn't an effective way to determine a character's performance. Most fights tend to have context or feats that are worth keeping in mind; ignoring that would be a flawed way to give an honest and unbaised opinion of the character. For example, Crossbones' win-loss record is garbage, but his years of showings prove he isn't a pushover. He's caught throwing weapons without even looking, taught at Taskmaster's school for criminals, made Bullseye retreat, kept fighting after having his gut sliced open, shot Troll in the ear while she was leaping, gave Deadpool a vicious street fight, gave Cap various decent scuffles - one of them was a stalemate before he left because of a timed bomb he planted IIRC - he's apparently intimidating enough to the point where Batroc and Zaran refused to fight him, beat Punisher, stalemated Gambit (IIRC it stopped because a third party put a gun against his head), Cap called him one of his "roughest" villains, and he has a few showings of downright obliterating fodder. Does he have low showings? Sure, most notably whenever Bucky's around. Does he tend to lose? Absolutely, especially since him winning would mean him attempting to kill the target. But is he featless? No.

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@lvenger: Thank you. Yeah, completely agreed on the spoiler part. There's still a lot I'd love to see them flesh out, though. For example, Nightwing's goodbye is briefly addressed in the Penguin missions and there's no satisfying follow-up after Bruce and Jason's conflict. I mean, it's obvious he becomes the Red Hood and does his own thing, but to have that much buildup and no proper talk/interaction between the two after the boss battle is such a missed opportunity. I also would have loved to get another look at where Azrael's path takes him.

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I played a lot of Call of Duty back in college and Modern Warfare was a blast, but the biggest issue I have is they kept releasing more and more games, yet the game never seemed to undergo noteworthy changes. Maybe I'm just old, but when a franchise releases a new installment, I want it to feel different and improved - not like it's basically more of the same. Just like many others, I don't "hate" the franchise, I've just lost interest in it. It's very possible the franchise underwent terrific changes and all that, but I just don't care and I'm more invested in other franchises.

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While I am not that keen on a consistent power levels but rather a good story. I hope they don't needlessly nerf or buff Deathstroke beyond what is reasonably required for the story.

Well, to me, making the hero topple an easy threat takes away from the story. Giving Slade the credit he deserves also generates more potential from the hero.

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Losing to Batman in Batman's movies and games isn't embarrassing at all. He shouldn't lose to Batman normally but those are special cases, or at least thats how I see it.

He was pretty good in Arrow though. The only way they have beat him was by taking away his powers. He should heva been better in season 3 though, I agree. He's still a badass character though whenever he shows up.

The fact he loses isn't embarrassing, it's how the losses are handled.

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@k4tzm4n: YOU'RE ALIVE!!! Post more dammit.

Or am I?

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While I do agree that Deathstroke should be respected outside of comics, Teen Titans showed us what can be made of him, I have to admit it would be nice if DC offered the same kind of respect to the characters Deathstroke fights with in comics instead of dumbing them down or depowering them at the sight of Slade.

Did you watch all of Beware the Batman? Deathstroke has an arc, but unfortunately, I haven't seen it.

BTB take on Slade was vastly different from the usual comic version,it was similar to Arrow version in many ways but despite those rather big differences(enough for you to consider him a totally different character beyond the name and suit) he was handled well. He was the main villain of the second half of the season.

One day I'll get around to watching it... one day. Thanks.

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Batman's better.


just wait til suicide squad

It seems like it may serve as a bit of an origin story for him if one rumor is to be believed...

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