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@perfect_10 said:

"Says the Amazons can't no neglected" the english language wept deeply today.

im a visual person so not reading all, a lot of luthor and batman going on (not interested) and i know all about wonder woman of course so....movie/tv news? like a justice league (really want a wonder woman but lets live in reality for a sec) animated series? i think its time. young justice may not have panned out but justice league can and has

I'll read that as "Hey, thanks for covering this panel and posting the coverage mere minutes after it concluded. I understand there may be a small typo or two since you don't have time to give it a proper proofread as you rush from panel to panel. If so, I'll be sure to politely point them out. Thanks again!"

Well, you're very welcome!

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@saren said:

  • JUSTICE LEAGUE #32 cover revealed. Shows Luthor holding Batman's belt and cowl.

Pretty sure that was revealed months ago.


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@teerack said:

There thumbnail image isnt even in here. 100% of the reason I clicked this.

You clicked this article to see a previously released image of the characters instead of reading about the show?

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Here's another one.

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@darthaznable said:

Not trusting anything not from TellTale Games after that crap Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.

I still haven't played TellTale's games :(

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@ghostravage: Like you said, he's used it once in his entire history and only during said run -- a run which the handbook entry was taking into account (IIRC a picture of Udon Tasky is located to the left of the stats). So, let me be clear: whether or not Taskmaster has it can be open to debate, but based on his history and the amount of showings he has had since the Udon run, I feel it is more than safe to say double-speed would not be a factor in this battle. Hopefully that clears things up.

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

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@micah said:

@k4tzm4n: Can we count the skills he copied/learned in the DC crossovers? Because In those he learned the fighting styles and skills of Batman and Huntress.

I'd prefer not. A big part of these battles is the fun in knowing they have zero knowledge of each other and thinking about how that would play out.

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@laflux said:

@k4tzm4n can we use Udon feats?

Sure, but I think it's safe to say Taskmaster doesn't have double-speed since that's (IIRC) the only time we've seen it used.

Update: just to clarify, he doesn't have his Udon outfit/gear. I'm saying just skill feats -- sans double-speed --are transferable. As for gear, Tasky has his usual 616 situation: bow, sword, basic firearms, shield, etc.

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@dagmar_merrill Good choice! Favorite takedown in it?

@omnicrono said:

Thanks for the article!

Wolfman giving both characters proper credit in Deathstroke #7 something I slightly disagree with, but to each his own.

Thanks for reading! Well, I'm talking about giving Wayne's willpower and determination proper respect and not necessarily his effectiveness as a combatant. Even after that horrible beating, he still went after Slade and refused to call it quits. As I implied the article, I'm sure things could have played out differently if Batman focused on tactics and gear ;)