New Dark Knight Rises Trailer - What Does It Reveal? (Spoilery!)

The Dark Knight Rises is just one month away, and we've been having a blast speculating for over a year about the plot, characters and much more. We've seen bits and pieces that imply the trilogy's conclusion will be somewhat inspired by the story Knightfall , but the latest (and oh-so epic) trailer reveals a few key plot points that are worth discussion.

If you don't want spoilers of any kind, this is your last chance to escape!

Bane has been hitting the gym

A healthy way to deal with your anger issues

Director Christopher Nolan's universe is gritty and realistic, but it's looking like Bane's sporting some kind of enhanced level strength. Whether it's through sheer training or the anesthetic he inhales, the villain had multiple displays of jaw-dropping strength in this trailer. In an incredibly brief clip in the opening of the video, Bane smashes his fist through what appears to be a cement wall. In what I consider to be a standout scene, Batman takes a swing at the criminal, but in one swift motion Bane catches it with an almost effortless amount of energy. Moments later, he kicks The Dark Knight, launching the hero backwards as if he weighed nothing. Tom Hardy might not tower over Christain Bale, but it's clear he's going to pose quite the physical threat.

Drink your milk to grow strong, kids!

Broken Bat

Batman is too cool for seat belts

We've been speculating for quite some time that Bane will indeed "break the bat," but for the most part they've been trying to hide it from the casual audience. Will we see Bane deliver the infamous speech he once gave in the Bat Cave before cracking the iconic hero's back over his knee? We'll have to wait and see, but the final moments of this trailer show Wayne using a cane for walking, although they hide it quite well. When asking about his vehicle, Wayne's posture is a dead giveaway he's injured. He's hunched over and we can see he's using an object for support in his right hand. Later, we can clearly see Wayne holding the cane in the backseat as it moves along with the vehicle. Alfred even remarks "it takes a little time to get back into the swing of things." It's possible this could be in regards to his time away from his home city, but I can't help but feel like this is about his physical condition and his state of recovery, and of course, Catwoman swiping his car. Honestly, it seems obvious to me at this point that Bane will somehow critically injure The Dark Knight, but not to the same degree as in the events of Knightfall. Or, Wayne has decided he looks good with a pimp cane. That's always a possibility.

The Man Behind The Mask

You shall not pass!

And now for the moment that gave me goosebumps. Bane reveals he knows a big secret as he approaches Batman. During his intimidating strut, Bane mutters two words: Mister Wayne. Just like his comic counter-part, Bane has proven able to figure out who the man is behind the cowl. This will certainly make matters interesting as we see if Bane decides to target the people Wayne keeps close to him.

What do you think about these reveals and did you manage to catch any other goodies in the trailer? Stay patient, friends, July 20th is almost here.

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Posted by RoboShark

Mister Wayne....

That's going to inflict some goosebumps.

Posted by k4tzm4n

@RoboShark: I thought saying "it sent chills down my spine" would have been in poor taste.

Posted by ReVamp

Ha. That was actually pretty funny.

Seems cool.

Posted by k4tzm4n

@ReVamp: Thanks.

Posted by ComicStooge

I couldn't be anymore pumped for the movie if Bane himself burst through my bedroom window and started yelling at me...

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

This has been the best Trailer yet, Can't wait.

Posted by SandMan_

Break the Bat.

Posted by k4tzm4n

@Omega Ray Jay: Absolutely.

Posted by entropy_aegis

He's definitely on something.

Posted by ComicStooge

When I saw the first trailer to come out, I thought Bane looked kinda scrawny but after viewing this new trailer and the images here, Bane looks pretty good, actually, I love the mask.

Posted by k4tzm4n

@entropy_aegis: It's seeming like it.

Posted by JigglyJiggletowns

I thought the cane was from The Dark Knight (falling from the ledge after Harvey, yunno)... Haven't they discussed this? The guys fallen off of so many buildings onto his back in the past two films it's a bloody miracle he didn't have a cane after the first film.

Posted by k4tzm4n

@JigglyJiggletowns: This movie takes place 8 years after the events of The Dark Knight, so I imagine he's perfectly fine from that fall at this point, especially since he was able to walk away from it.

Edited by Augment
@k4tzm4n: See, when I heard the "it takes some time to get back into the swing of things", my first thought was it was in regards to women. I mean, judging by Alfred's tone, and the context of the line (Selina stealing his car), it revolves around the idea that its been eight years since he has, most likely, been even remotely interested in a woman. We all know Bruce' soulmate is his Batsuit, so he doesn't even give thought to women, that's why I was interested when I heard Alfred's quip.
Also, damn it, I want to know what Marion Cotillard's role is! I mean, they've cast a young Talia al Ghul, and you've got Liam Neeson making a cameo, not to mention they did filming in INDIA.
Edited by k4tzm4n

It (the cane) doesn't appear to be a ruse. The latest TV spot has him using it as he walks with Fox in their facility. It does, however, make me question if this is an injury he received before returning to action or in the middle of the movie - courtesy of Bane. Fox apparently (I say apparently because we can never tell with how the trailers are edited together) shows him a new take on the costume and Bruce responds "I'm retired."