The Cabin in the Woods Review

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The Cabin in the Woods review

The Cabin in the Woods manages to throw the horror and comedy genres into a blender, and the result is a delicious product that's ridiculously fun and warrants watching at least once.
The Cabin in the Woods is a modern-day Army of Darkness. High praise, I know, but it's worthy of the title. There's not much I can say about the overall plot without spoiling all of the fun, so I'll keep it to the basics. The Cabin in the Woods follows a group of stereotypical college kids (the stoner, the sports guy, the scantily-clad hot girl, amongst others) that head to a cabin deep in the woods for a weekend getaway. Meanwhile, mysterious figures are keeping a close eye on the group and the chaos and bloodshed follows shortly after their seemingly relaxing vacation begins.
I know what you're probably thinking. This is all too familiar and there's no reason why you'd want to see this scenario play out for the millionth time. I felt the same way after seeing the trailers and going into this movie, but that assumption is completely false. This isn't just another generic horror flick or something you've already seen before. The concept behind this film is ridiculously far-fetched in a good way and allows for tons of hilarious elements and creatures to be tossed our way.
The film is being heavily pushed mostly as a horror experience, but it's the sharp writing and witty humor that makes The Cabin in the Woods so superb. It's absurdly funny, and that's something I've come to expect whenever the talented Joss Whedon (Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is attached to a project. The director of Marvel's The Avengers co-wrote and produced the flick, and there are plenty of standout comedic scenes that simply feel like a segment slapped with a Joss Whedon seal of approval. A Whedon vibe with banter is almost never a bad thing and there's plenty to be found here. Cloverfield writer Drew Goddard makes his directorial debut and has had an extensive history with Whedon, writing episodes for Buffy, Angel and Alias. You can tell the two had a blast working on the script and the final product is one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in awhile.
While The Cabin in the Woods is going to keep you laughing the whole time, odds are no one is going to be having any nightmares over this one. It's not a scary movie, but that clearly wasn't the main focus of the film. I think it's important to note this just in case anyone believes this is a horror-heavy movie based on the trailers portraying it as such. The majority of the horror elements are indeed predictable, but I will confess that one jump scare did get me. At the same rate, keeping the trailers focused on the attempted spooks and not the smirks means you're going into this one without having the best jokes already ruined by the trailers, so that's a plus.
While the main characters are all archetypes, Whedon's ability to craft great banter and develop individuals breathes more life into these characters along the way. The tag team of Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford really steal the show. Unfortunately discussing their roles would severely take away from all the fun to be had with their scenes. Fran Kranz (Dollhouse) once again delivers as the goofy and comedic dude, while everyone else performs ably as well.
The final act of The Cabin in the Woods is truly something special. Attempting to describe it won't do it any justice. It's just something that needs to be watched to be fully appreciated. Things take a wild turn and the theater was in a permanent state of laughter and bliss as the events unfolded on the big screen. Oh, and how could I forget to mention the fact that there's a secret cameo thrown in there that sci-fi fans will appreciate as well?
Simply put, I loved The Cabin in the Woods and had an extremely good time watching it. The CGI is a bit shoddy and it isn't all that scary, but it's hilariously fun and more than deserving of checking out on opening night.



Know a foe: Constantine Drakon

Here's the latest feature from my blog. So far I have two weekly segments: "Character's Best Battles" and "Know a foe." If you have any requests, let me know!

Know a foe: Constantine Drakon

It was recently announced that Constantine Drakon (played by Darren Shahlavi) would appear in the upcoming Green Arrow pilot on CW called Arrow. But who is Drakon and why should you care? Let me tell you why he's a villain worth reading and, soon enough, watching.

Being among the best in the world with a bow and arrow doesn't mean squat when your enemy can effortlessly catch every projectile sent his way. Meet Constantine Drakon, one of the most dangerous men Green Arrow has ever faced. This Greek assassin is quite a short fellow, but for what he lacks in height, he makes up for in speed and talent. This obscure Green Arrow enemy was created by writer Judd Winick, artist Phil Hester and first showed his face in Green Arrow #27 (volume 3).
The killer discovered at a young age that he excels in harming others, and if you're good at something, you might as well make money doing it. The deadly villain once made the claim that he has killed more people than cancer, and he certainly lived up to the hype when he humiliated Green Arrow during their first encounter. Drakon's a very skilled individual when it comes to hand-to-hand techniques, but it's his speed that makes him such a threat. Ollie claimed the assassin has super speed, and it's hard not to believe him when Drakon catches dozens of arrows without even breaking a sweat. Despite the dark nature of his career, Drakon seems to have fun in the field. He'll compliment and even criticize his enemy's style and methods, meanwhile making it more than transparent how his target has virtually no chance of overcoming. Because of this, he's rather overconfident in combat (a weakness Ollie took advantage of with a glue arrow) and stated he'll only kill costumed heroes if given the right amount of cash for the job.
When you think of badass assassins in the DC Universe, one name should immediately come to mind: Deathstroke (shame on you if you said Brutale). But even the infamous Slade Wilson needs help sometimes, and in one case, he sought the aid of sir Drakon. The Greek killer was incarcerated, so Deathstroke allowed himself to be taken into custody to meet the man. The two broke out and brought a whole new world of hurt to the Arrow family. Unfortunately for them, the pesky Justice League ended up getting in the way.

When it comes to Green Arrow villains, Drakon is among the most memorable and disputably the coolest. It's just a shame he hasn't shown his face after escaping the Justice League with Slade. Hopefully the man will reappear in the pages of the New 52 and get an opportunity to take on the likes of Batman and much more.

Want to see more of Drakon? Check out his Comicvine page for a full list of his appearances!


Reviews En Route!

Hello Viner friends,

Unfortunately, I was part of a rather large layoff today and because of that, I'll obviously have a pretty huge increase in my free time. When I'm not spending my time searching for the next job, I'll likely be on here discussing the latest comics. But battles can only keep my attention for so long, so I'd like to expand my writing into the Vine. I thought for awhile where I'd like to invest my time, and reviews seem to be the most fun.

"Why are you telling us this and why should we care?"

Excellent question, sarcastic Viner! Well, I'll gladly take requests for reviews. If the comic is in my collection or I'm able to get it, I'll do my best to put up a review ASAP. Just like the old days (Cardiac MIA, Deadshot should be in TDKR), I'll also blog every now and then. Naturally, I'll be taking requests for that as well.


The Cliche "So You're Stuck on an Island" Expanded!

Scenario: You're stuck on a tropical island.  The island is free of dangerous wildlife and the weather will remain moderate, with no variables in the weather at all.  Despite you being able to bring all of the below, there is absolutely no means of escape.  10 meters from the shore, an impenetrable shield blocks any method of escape or enter.  The world knows this, and do you.  Assume all technology you bring will have unlimited energy / battery life.  Also, all of the devices will work without the required plugs, cords, sockets, etc. In short, defy logic. Just assume that whatever it is you wish to bring, it will work! (assume you also have an unlimited supply of clothing, lol)
So, for the below, what do you bring???  
I-Pod (with headset): You can select TWO music albums to have on it. (no games, no extra features, only the 2 albums on the ipod) 
Big Screen Widescreen TV w/ blu-ray player (w/ couch to watch and TV is on stand): Select ONE blu-ray movie. (don't worry if it actually isn't on blu-ray,  you can make  
believe ;) ) Select one BOX volume of a TV SERIES.  Box set is limited to ONLY ONE VOLUME. No mega box sets that include multiple seasons, ONE only ;)
Graphic Novel: You may bring TWO graphic novels. 
Video Game Console: You may bring ONE video game console with 2 games (if the game can be played online, you're alllowed to do so...But you do not have a headset, nor can you access the online network to obtain demos/news/videos/etc).  
Laptop with internet connection: Restricted access to only ONE website. 
Food supply: You have a large food plate that can instantly generate TWO specific meals. (can't say SALAD, must give a SPECIFIC dish with specific ingredients)
Cell Phone: Phone is restricted to calling ONE person.  Person on the other end is NOT allowed to give the phone to anyone else...If they do, they'll die =P 
Random: TWO additional item (a combination such as a notepad and pen count as only one item)

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