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Batman/ Turok? Hard to find a battleground for that one that is not advantageous to one.... guess they'd have to fight in the 'burbs.

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I'm really glad to see there are so many responses to this article, and many great points of view, along with... others.... I'd like to point out the discrepancies in the two taking on their worlds' more powerful characters:

Yeah, T'Challa can take a hit from the Hulk. That's fairly amazing in and of itself. However, he really can't even seriously hurt the Hulk enough to make it a fight, and he sure as hell can't outlast the Hulk in a drawn out fight.

Yeah, there have been a couple of times Batman has put Supes out. Hush is a good example, and in one of Waverider's futures, he actually kills the Big Red S, but he also brought back up in Superman's crippling weakness. Comparably, this would be like saying a man fighting a werewolf with the man in spiked silver armor with silver blades and a machine gun filled with silver bullets was a fair fight.

The argument on who else they've fought is invalid, because whoever else they fought IS NOT WHO THEY'RE FIGHTING NOW. Each could easily underestimate the other if they had never met, they are both geniuses and will have to think on their feet, and neither of them is going to be willing to let a smart opponent get away and have time to plan. It's a tough fight to ref, I mean, really REALLY tough, and I seriously like both combatants.

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I thought the fight was well thought out and reasoned for BP and Batman.

If you're looking to go outside the Marvel Universe for match-ups, why not Zealot from WildC.A.T.S?

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I know everybody loves Batman, and I do too, but no one is giving the Panther a shot because he's not as well known or popular. Yeah, Batman's got mad skills that he's been working on since he was twelve or so. T'Challa's been doing this ALL HIS LIFE. Even putting that aside, here's a good thought. Both of them are masters of many forms of martial arts, but the Panther's armor is superior for absorbing blows and he's covered head to toe. Batman leaves his mouth and jaw exposed, which is exploitable. And the Panther's arsenal is fairly compact. Batman doesn't carry every single bat-gadget he has on him at all times, and this match is an unplanned encounter. Planned, Yeah, I think Batman would edge the Panther out. He's just got too many different gadgets for taking out specific opponents. That and I think that T'Challa also has fighting styles learned from battling Wakanda's wild animals that might throw Batman off his game long enough to exploit that unprotected jaw. Oh, and check your comics history guys: the Panther in the Marvel Universe is considered to be one of the 8 smartest people on the planet and he carries the accumulated knowledge of all the past Panthers. He's a match for the Bat in intellect.