My Best Young Mutants : Girls

[updated 07-12-2013] And a list that includes all of the young mutants, the Xavier Institute up to Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, all the various students of the X-men more some young mutants that have nothing to do directly with the X-Men ;)))

By Jamie Fay

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Posted by Renee

Love it. Several people on here I didn't even know about.

Posted by Supreme Marvel

Like a lot of the female characters here. Molly Hayes is up there. :D

Posted by Cervantes

Great list, some I never heard of, and some...

Wicked: currently a big hit on Broadway in "Wicked"...

Rubbermaid: getting sued by Rubbermaid! :P

Posted by Cyclops4President

cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo

Posted by adamTRMM

Hi. Do you think Eimin is a teen?