My Best Mutants : Female

list continuously updated :)) [09-25-2012]

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Posted by jrock85

Is this list in order?

Posted by Jya666


Yes , are in order , my favorite women , Obviously it can change, sometimes, even though I love all the mutants :))

Posted by jrock85

@Jya666: I was wondering why Frenzy was ranked so high. Either way, its a great list!

Posted by Chesapeake

Awesome List!!

Posted by Jya666

@Chesapeake: Thank you very much :)))

Posted by Trodorne

Banshee is my number one

Posted by PowerHerc

Nice list.

I'm particularly happy you have Jean Grey/Phoenix above Emma Frost.

I like Jean better, too.

Posted by Renee

I love that Dazzler's on here. She usually gets overlooked.

Posted by starrk_coyote

this is a great list, and i 100% agreed with it :)

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Perfect list. I would place Laura higher but it's your list not mine.

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Cool list, if Dazzler wasn't in your top 3, I would say its amazing list.

Posted by Jya666
Posted by Cyclops4President

great list.