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@wearelegion: @palidan: Nathan Rang, Michael Kishlansky, John Mobat

Sodra Die Mens group was nearing the hill. The cyber assassin signaled the Shadow Company man to take point. He knew with the black armored soldier's enhanced sense of smell would detect any sort of trouble in the way. His HK G-56 sweeping in a 180 degree motion as he slowly creeps uphill. He then vanishes into the black forest, keeping a watchful eye on his squad. "Switch to your side arm, no one that rifle is going to help in these kind of close quarters." Sodra Die Mens says to John the sniper. Slinging his rifle on his back he pulls out his piece.

"So what are we facing here?" Nathan asks with his exo machine gun covering the left flank. "Mutants with wings." replies quietly. "Oh shit! It'll be just like that time in South America! Remember Nathan? Those weird ass human fly gangsters?" Michael says with enthusiasm. "Ooohh you know I do man! Haha, switching to shotgun mode, scatter pellets." the sound of their exo suit fire arms make shift noise as their shotguns come out of their wrist mounts.

The formation felt strong. John was in the back, covering their rear. The two exosuit troopers, Nathan and Michael were scanning the tree line on both sides. While Sodra Die Mens watches the front, his new hand cannon at the ready. But where was the Shadow Company fellow? No one really knew, his radio was off.

*Radio Static*

"Sodra. This is your shadow. I'm at the church, I don't see anyone their. I'm still in the treeline. I'm staying put, the field is way too open to go any further without back up. I'll radio back if I see anything." He says on the walkies, only to click off before they could respond to him.

The group was shocked by how fast the shady man was already at the cathedral. "Guy gives me the creeps." John says to himself. Within two minutes the team makes it to the the treeline of the church.

*Radio Static*

Ordering the group,"Tell the kid to get his rifle ready. I believe we have two hostiles on the roof. I can't get a good view on their weapons and armor, but I can see at least two." This time the radio stays on. John quickly lays down under a low branch and brings his MAR 20 out. Flipping the scope protector up he scans the roof top. He didn't see anyone yet.

The rest of the group was behind thick trees, they were ready to attack. John was a still facing the cathedral, he was moderately covered. The Shadow Company man was somewhere. Clearly in a spot where he has a good view of the church, but wasn't seen.

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EVA didn't say "he can be here, here, or here" as in specific locations on a map. The entire jungle area that they were fighting in was divided into three separate sections, she simply told him he would be in one of them. She was outlining the battlefield, that's all the help she could offer.

Which again is a big help.

The Tsuchinoko was a collectible, mentioned by several characters during radio convos and therefore it's canon. I don't know what you mean by adding all these sentences, I was just listing feats.

Finding it was an optional event in the game. It was never apart of the main story. Sure, it was referenced, but as to the actual canon story, it's moot. If there was a cut scene with him finding it or something, I would accept it. But just radio conversation when you find it is pretty much proof that it was just an optional side quest. It's just a gameplay thing.

Not like killing off fodder hunters is impressive anyway, the fact that Tarzan was even given away by the cub is just amateur. Big Boss would have prevented that.

Careful now, your biased view is showing.

I don't want to sh!t on them, but you need to show me something impressive, because right now I don't see why Big Boss wouldn't stomp Tarzan. Your argument is basically just amounting to the fact that Tarzan is a jungle man, which is impressive in its own right, but he needs feats to back it up. It seems like Big Boss's actual capabilities are a lot higher, since he's capable of fighting people who aren't fodder.

  1. Breaking a giant monsters jaw under water.
  2. Kicking over a T-Rex.

1. Gets hit by a giant spider and keeps fighting

2-3. Gets hit by a low flying plane.

He's also traded blows with an enhanced human in London is Tarzan #15 who was able to rip peoples heads off.

As I said before, Tarzan has the superior stats while Boss has skill. I will look for more feats when I'm home.

I don't mean to act disrespectful or anything, but in order to judge a character's capabilities, we need to go by feats. Facts, what they have actually proven that they can pull off, and thus far it seems like Tarzan is just a very athletic peak human who grew up in the jungle. His skills aren't nearly up to par here, going by feats. I'd like to continue this discussion, but you need to bring something better to the table. Big Boss is a stealth master, Tarzan's hunting ability doesn't seem like anything to brag about, and I think you're just playing favorites here by insisting that Tarzan is better in the jungle when really, the feats speak differently.

Tarzan isn't set in the early 60s and up. He's around the 1900s to 1940s. His stories have never(at least not to my knowledge) have brought him to such a setting i.e. military bases(besides that one Dark Horse story). His stories, most of the time, aren't about superhumans and such. What you're saying is like saying "Well character A sucks because he's from the past and character B beats him because he's from the future. Character A can't do these feats." Like, no shit he can't. He hasn't been dropped off in that setting.

He's done what was good at the time. I'm not comparing hunters to trained soldiers. But you have to take into account that, it's still impressive none the less. He doesn't have feats about him sneaking into a Russian military base, because his stories aren't about that. He's sneaked into a Nazi base before, but I'm sure that's not good enough.

It's one thing to not be impressed by a feat, but any feat I post is just shot down with "Big Boss would do that 10x better, while blindfolded, while on a unicycle, and the unicycle was on fire." I see no furthur reason to talk to you about this. No matter what I say about Tarzan, you seem to ignore it and just say Boss is flat out better. Tarzan tracks a women through the woods? Not impressive, but if Boss did that, you'd say it was a-okay. I can say we are both clearly picking favorite here, not just me.

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1982, Ugandan Bush War

The jungle was hot, humid, and festering with bugs of all sizes. I was apart of the Uganda National Liberation Front. We had word that there was a small rebel camp located deep in the jungle. I knew I could take care of myself. We all did, but for some reason we had these strange guns for hire boys with us. Decked out in armor, guns that made ours look like pee shooters. I didn't like them. Then it happened. An RPG hit the group in front of us and then at that moment, the trees came alive. Rebels from all sides popped out of the foliage and began firing at us. After the rocket, there were able three dozen of us left, who knows how many rebels.

My life flashed before my eyes....I was only 19, fresh from South Africa. My parents and I moved to Uganda awhile back because of my father's line of work. I never really knew what it was, I didn't really care. I got to see a lot of new places moving from place, to place.

The old man was always hard on me. Making me train with him, always some new style too. I was into nature, he never understood that. He always explained that nature is imperfect, and selective, and to beat it, you have to become something more. I never knew what the hell he was talking about half the time. He always spoke about immorality, and other crazy shit. I thought if I enlisted in some military he'd respect me. But really, it was just to get away form him.

Waking from that recollection, I was greeted to the sounds of screams and the crackling of gunfire. Those PMCs wasted the rebels before I even knew it. They were incredible troopers, but they felt so unreal. At that point we pretty much went loud and forgot about stealth. We found the compound minutes later. Both the UNLF and the Mavericks called in airsupport. We opened fire and stormed the base. We were nearly done, the enemies began to flee their base, our choppers roared overhead. It was a victory. An explosion went off, I don't know if it was the gas tanker next to me, or some wild grenade, but it hit me. And it hit hard. I was blown backwards and landed in the dirt.

I heard the enemies chatter and quickly reached for my side arm with my shooting hand. Only problem was, my hand wasn't there. I tried kicking away to cover, but my legs didn't work. Were they broke? Caught under something? No, my lower half was a mess of crimson water. I went into shock.

I woke up. My vision was blurry, but I could tell I was in a chopper. "Don't worry, just hang tight." I heard yelling over the spinning blades. I went back to sleep. I thought the UNLF medavac hand picked me up. Boy was I wrong.

I woke up in an almost futuristic room. Nothing like this were I was from. A logo was printed almost everywhere. "Maverick Incorporated" they read. A woman, the most beautiful I've ever seen. Her name was Moya Hawkins. She asked me if I wanted to live. I was confused, wasn't I still alive? Looking down I was hooked to machinery, some sort of life support. I began to scream at the top of my lungs at the sight.

She offered me experimental prosthetics. She said I'd be stronger, faster, and pretty much a weapon if I went through with it....I considered letting them pull the plug. But I wasn't going to die like that. I went through with it. The next thing I know I have metal legs and an arm that looks like a silver tigers paw. I felt like a freak at first, until I saw how it helped me.

I was bench pressing up to 7-8 tons with my robotic arm, and running at 300 MPH. I was catching bullets and shooting laser! It was great, I never even thought power like this would be mine. Until reality set in. The bills. It wasn't free, I had literally nothing. My country thought I was K.I.A. and had no money. So I did the only thing I thought I could do for them, I worked it off. I went on various jobs, escorts, hits, body guarding etc. until the debate was "payed off". After about 4 years I was able to pay them off. Leaving Maverick I couldn't go live a normal life.

So I did what I knew how to do. I became a self employed gun for hire. As long as the money was good, I'd do it. Killing, or saving people, it didn't matter to me. Not sure where this lifestyle will take me, but hopefully it'll be interesting...

OOC: His origin is supposed to be redacted by Mavrick, so if rping, and you try to get info on him, please don't have your character easily find out who and what he is. IC you should only be able to find out the basics about him.

Sodra Die Mens = Once Man

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Sweet of I love AoS and 1940s AoS

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It's a chilly night in San Valentin, the sky is bluish gray, and for a moment, it looks like a normal place. Until a black hawk helicopter screams through the sky, hovering over the Strongbox. The blades fling around sand and rocks in the little to nothing yard in front of the compound.

Hoping down out of the chopper is the cybernetic hitman, Sodra Die Mens. Followed by four soldiers. Two in what were clearly exosuits, one was wearing light weight armor. A Mar 20 was slung around one shoulder, he looked young. The last one slowly followed behind the group. Sporting dark armor, he looked calm.

Entering the disgusting building the cyborg spins around and says "Welcome! Welcome to my Strongbox." the four grunts looked at each other and looked rather awkward. "So, let me get to know you guys." he asks while picking up a AK-74.

The first exosuit man said "Nathan Rang, 23rd Exo Division. Been with Maverick for about 7 years. Exos been my life ever since." He says stroking his mustache. The second suit wearing grunt, "Michael Kishlansky, 13th Exo Divison. Best one there is." erupting with a sarcastic tone. "Yeah, f$cking right!" he roars bumping into Nathan. The two are clearly buddies and have had history. "Nathan's been my bud since high school, joined the Marines awhile back and got selected by Maverick. But we got put into different divisions."

Michael shoves Nathan, "Yeah, you should see the two of us on the field during exo football." Scanning the Strongbox.

The youngest man, the sniper, cradling his rifle, says "John. John Mobat, nothing really special about me. Used to be a Ranger specialized in sniping. Don't want to brag, but I could pluck a quarter off your heads from 400 yards away." He says chuckling to himself. The two exo buddies look at each other with disgust about his remark.

The Shadow Company man didn't say much, "Doesn't matter. Here to work, who are we here for?"

Sodra Die Mens looks at him and says,"A few angles and some suits." I'm looking to stir up some trouble with the wings first. So, lets move out."

The 5 man death squad begin their journey to the church at the top of the hill... San Valentin would be in for a fight.

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Walking towards the chopper, Sodra Die Mens hair is sent backwards. He grins as the 4 man team looks at him. His armor, shiny and brand new. He feels good with his new parts. Upon entering the helicopter, he looks at the group of men and says

"Ek kyk goed." (I look good). They all look at each other in confusion grinning he pats the pilot on the shoulder, signalling to take off. The chopper accession is quick and smooth. It begins its short flight to San Valentine.

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the op must really hate Arrow


Obviously biased lol. He tagged me in like 4 other spite threads. It's cute.

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The art is beautiful