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The KGBeast

So, Crossbones plans on fighting the might KGBeast uh? Well lets look at what this lil hulk can do.

Who is the KGBeast?

Trained by Hammer, a secret KGB group the KGBeast is a master of over several different fighting styles has enhanced strength. He is also a master of every single weapon on the planet. So not only does he have his cybernetic arm, he can also use weapons he may get from Crossbones if he drops or loses one.

You can tell because of how he awkwardly holds that pistol


Skill wise, the Beast is up there. Facing people like Batman, Robin, and Huntress. Both of our combatants have several different martial arts mastered, so this is going to be tough. We have to use feats!

Vs. Batman 1

During his first encounter with the Bat, Beast completely shocked Bruce. Saying how skilled and fast he was, fighting like an animal. He then was able to evade Batman and continue with his mission.

He was also able to defeat Huntress.

While it is off panel it should count for something I believe.

This is just to give you a idea of the skill KGBeast has.

Fire Power

As I said before, KGBeast could possibly disarm Crossbones and use his own weapons against him. But the beast is packing a good amount of fire power.

His arm is a pocket knife basically. It contains the following

  • Machine Gun
  • Blade
  • Tear Gas
  • Explosive Rounds
  • Possibly a flame thrower(I might have the scan somewhere)

Any way, on with the feats!

Explosive round capable of blasting through a wall

Tear Gas

The rest like his machine gun and blade should be explanatory. So not only does he have the chance of picking up a weapon from Crossbones, he has his own on arm army.

He's a beast for a reason!

KGBeast's durability will give him quite the edge in this fight. Thanks to his cybernetics he has enhanced durability. I know Crossbones has punched Cap and such but I dare say KGBeast's durability is higher.

Falls from a multi-story building and lands on a car, crushing it. Walks away fine.

Crossbones is going to have to work rather hard to put KGBeast in the ground. He can tank gunfire pretty easily as well.

Tanks a shot gun blasts

So his gunfire, while it will effect him, it won't take him out of the game for good.

In the end

In the end KGBeast has these over Crossbones

  • Weapons
  • Durability

I will say they are both on the same skill level and I will comment on speed when I see some speed feats for Crossbones.

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Good day ladies and gentlemen! Tonight you're in for a show, in one corner, the Super Soviet, the animal of Gotham...KGBeast! In the other corner we have the Savage Leader, the day of the dead fanatic, Crossbones!

KGBeast -@jwalser3

Crossbones - @comicstooge

Fight will take place in a random New York street will no bystanders.

  • No prep
  • No prior knowledge
  • Morals on
  • Starting distance: 20 feet away
  • Win by death
  • KGBeast: Standard gear
  • Crossbones: Standard costume, assorted knives, assault rifle, twin SMGs, a pistol and a collapsible crossbow

Challenge A Viner Rules:

  • Do not start extra arguments, post unnecessary scans/videos or interfere in the debate itself in any way. If you wish to inform either of us on anything important or correct us on a point, send us a private message.
  • If any of the above is excessively broken, we may request a mod to assist.
  • Your vote should be decided based on the debating quality and abilities of the participants. Not necessarily on the characters they are representing.
  • A reason for your voting choice would be greatly appreciated too.
  • Regular posting/commenting is fine.
  • As always, may the best debater win.

@comicstooge Everything check out?

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@comicstooge: Alright awesome! What weapons will Crossbones be using? Prep or no prep, etc.?

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@jwalser3 said:

Wow, lol.

Really, this is a surprise. You don't see how your behavior would cause someone to not want to deal with you (i.e. trying to take little jabs at users character in a debate)?

I haven't the slightest idea what you're going on about. If you have such a problem with me, PM me. Let's not derail this thread.

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Would trick shots work on her? I know she's barely dodged GR's arrows. So I don't see why Bullseye's trick shots won't get her.

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@Pwok21 :

Could please I get:

Alex Mercer

No way is Mercer going to make the cut. Guy can flip tanks and survives missiles to the face.