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@rpgesus said:

Who would wanna read about depowered superman??

Why wouldn't you want to? A story about "The most OP" character being weak and almost powerless seems fun. To see him struggle, to see him still maintain his heroic and powerful attitude even though he is weak. It's happened twice, but this seems more interesting.

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Squad, since Manta actually has decent super strength and durability and El Diablo has actual powers. A case could be made for Manta soloing.

Care to present the case? Only think I see is his optic beams being an issue.

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Marvel. Half of the Squad is a non factor.

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Almost finished up guys. Just have to pull up this one class and hopefully get through it all, lol. I'm off by .7 -.- so the stress is real. But I'll pull through and Sodra Die Mens will be back to finish this.

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@palidan: @wearelegion: @mth_: @palidan: @maverick_6: @the_replicator:

OOC: Hey guys, I'm super super busy with school, exams and graduation is next week. I'm spending the rest of my week on a energy drink and homework diet. I really don't have the time to continue. I would love to do so, just can't spare the time. This is going to be like my last post on this site for like a week.

Sorry :/

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@wearelegion: @palidan: In a flash, the whole scene went into chaos. The church had a small explosion, followed by fire. The Shadow Company radioed, "We got one airborne!" then sporadically, the forest began to have pockets of explosions. "What the hell do we do?!" John cried out to Sodra Die Mens.

As if it couldn't get any worse, the Earth shook beneath them. And in the distance a huge Goliath emerged from the ground. Constructed of stone and wood, it must have been some sort of security measure. Nathan and Michael both looked at each other with happiness. "OH. F!$K. YEAH!" they both roared as the both offered to take care of the giant sentry. Sodra Die Mens rolled his eyes, and they sprang into action.

*Radio Static*

"I'm engaging the flyboy." the Shadow Comapy radios in. Springing out of the treeline he swings his rifle at the angle and begins to open fire on the flying target.

"John, you go and help Nathan and Michael, I'll go take care of the mutant." Sodra Die Mens orders before dashing off to the church were he saw the two battling it out. He just hopes the three of them can take on that giant.

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Damn these are awful. lol

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Only watched one episode. It seemed alright.

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@wearelegion: @palidan: Nathan Rang, Michael Kishlansky, John Mobat

Sodra Die Mens group was nearing the hill. The cyber assassin signaled the Shadow Company man to take point. He knew with the black armored soldier's enhanced sense of smell would detect any sort of trouble in the way. His HK G-56 sweeping in a 180 degree motion as he slowly creeps uphill. He then vanishes into the black forest, keeping a watchful eye on his squad. "Switch to your side arm, no one that rifle is going to help in these kind of close quarters." Sodra Die Mens says to John the sniper. Slinging his rifle on his back he pulls out his piece.

"So what are we facing here?" Nathan asks with his exo machine gun covering the left flank. "Mutants with wings." replies quietly. "Oh shit! It'll be just like that time in South America! Remember Nathan? Those weird ass human fly gangsters?" Michael says with enthusiasm. "Ooohh you know I do man! Haha, switching to shotgun mode, scatter pellets." the sound of their exo suit fire arms make shift noise as their shotguns come out of their wrist mounts.

The formation felt strong. John was in the back, covering their rear. The two exosuit troopers, Nathan and Michael were scanning the tree line on both sides. While Sodra Die Mens watches the front, his new hand cannon at the ready. But where was the Shadow Company fellow? No one really knew, his radio was off.

*Radio Static*

"Sodra. This is your shadow. I'm at the church, I don't see anyone their. I'm still in the treeline. I'm staying put, the field is way too open to go any further without back up. I'll radio back if I see anything." He says on the walkies, only to click off before they could respond to him.

The group was shocked by how fast the shady man was already at the cathedral. "Guy gives me the creeps." John says to himself. Within two minutes the team makes it to the the treeline of the church.

*Radio Static*

Ordering the group,"Tell the kid to get his rifle ready. I believe we have two hostiles on the roof. I can't get a good view on their weapons and armor, but I can see at least two." This time the radio stays on. John quickly lays down under a low branch and brings his MAR 20 out. Flipping the scope protector up he scans the roof top. He didn't see anyone yet.

The rest of the group was behind thick trees, they were ready to attack. John was a still facing the cathedral, he was moderately covered. The Shadow Company man was somewhere. Clearly in a spot where he has a good view of the church, but wasn't seen.