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@nolidoli: All I'm asking is how youwould have wanted it to look. When it comes to her, most people want her TAS design, which just wouldn't look good in a live action movie.

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I hope your joking at least Gamora has more clothes on.

I don't even know what your point is? How does less/more clothing make or break a costume?

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@nolidoli And what kind of costume would you have liked?

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@zeeguy91 said:
@mixmastamicah5 said:

lolllllll not even close

Yeah. I gotta agree with jwalser3. Marvel literally just put a red leather jacket on Chris Pratt and called him Star Lord. And, yet, nobody batted an eyelash at that???

The only one I really DON'T like is El Diablo's look.

Seriously. El Diablo looks a tad bit silly. Hopfully he uses his powers to the point were they all burn off.

And get used to no one caring when Marvel does it. They summed up his origin in the first ten minutes, the rest of the group got less back story.

Can you imagine how pissed people will be when BvS does Aquaman and Wonder Woman's back story? People will complain that it wasn't long enough.

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@mixmastamicah5: yeah.... Red Jacket+plus two green body painted people and 2 CGI cartoons.... That's so much better.

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@br_havoc said:

@jwalser3: I know this is sacrilegious but I really hope they kill of Will Smith :p

Keep dreaming friend, lol.

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@beaconofstrength: Alright, let's go!

Tarzan of the Apes

Tarzan comes from the Greystokes family. A wealthy and respected family in Europe. Both of his parents were stranded with this infant on the coasts of Africa. They soon died leaving John as a defenseless toddler. But luckily a tribe of Great Apes adopted him, raising him to be like them. He quickly bared the name, Tarzan, which meant White Skin in the Apes native tongue.

As a Child

From early childhood he had used his hands to swing from branch to branch after the manner of his giant mother, and as he grew older he spent hour upon hour daily speeding through the tree tops with his brothers and sisters.


He could spring twenty feet across space at the dizzy heights of the forest top,and grasp with unerring precision, and without apparent jar, a limb waving wildly in the path of an approaching tornado.

He could drop twenty feet at a stretch from limb to limb in a rapid descent to the ground, or he could gain the utmost pinnacle of the loftiest tropical giant with ease and swiftness of a squirrel.


Though but ten years old he was fully as strong as the average man of thirty,

-Tarzan of the Apes

By the age of ten he was leaping 20 feet and was comparable to a grown man in strength. Of course he grew stronger and wiser as stated later in the books.

Here he is as a child besting the strongest and best fighter in his tribe. Just to give you an idea of how he was.

Superior Stats

IMHO, Tarzan has the better physicals. Strength, durability, agility,etc.

  1. The butt of a gun breaks over his body.
  2. Easily lifts a giant over his head.
  3. Evades the strikes of a Great Ape and works around him.
  4. Dodges shots from multiple gunmen in close quarters.

While I know the Boss is strong and fast, he holds no candle to Tarzan in any of those departments. The only edge I give Snake is fighting prowess. It'll give him the edge, but ultimately Tarzan can evade and strike, break any hold, or just straight up over power him.

I'll go into more detail with the setting and gear later. Until then, your turn buddy.

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@beaconofstrength: Looks wonderful darling. I'll start later after this Suicide Squad hype goes down. Dat Deadshot!

Nice job with the picture btw.