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@sethysquare: This is true.

Also, issue #13 was amazing. Phenomenal. Out of this world. Less than a week until the annual - Catwoman's coming to play!

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Can't wait for the annual - bring it on Catwoman!

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It sounds like people who have doubted Barbara's ability as Batgirl may soon be 'converted' to Team Barbara, considering Batgirl will be seeking revenge against the Joker: the man who changed her life forever. This is what Batgirl author Gail Simone had to say about the upcoming Death of the Family arc, and Batgirl's role within the story. I'm not sure about you, but I can't wait for the upcoming issue #13...

"Her payback is long, long overdue. It was immensely cathartic. It's a brutal story: The Joker is the guy who haunts your nightmares, and he nearly destroyed Barbara once already."

Read more at http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/rorschachsrants/news/?a=68402#IuCEKThzHM6VodgH.99

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@justjoking said:

why do you keep saying that Cass fights to kill or you imply earlier that she's not hesitant to kill? Cass has only ever killed one person and she was 8 years old at the time, was ordered to by her father, and was disgusted by what she had done and hasn't killed anyone since

Yes, she only killed someone when she was younger, but as a child, your parents have a massive influence upon you, and being ordered to kill another human by your father would stay with you forever. Cass was forever haunted by the murder she committed, and hence was a much more conflicted Batgirl. Sure, this made Cass an interesting character, but, as far as being a character is concerned, she never really developed or progressed, similarly to Stephanie Brown. What I mean to say is that Cass is conflicted by her past, as Barbara is haunted by her paralysis, and the events that occurred in their pasts encourage them and drive them to be the people who they are and the decisions they make. And my interpretation of Cass is that, were she not under the influence of Batman, who forbids killing, she would not hesitate to kill, due to her past experiences.

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@SupBatz: Good point. This is the Barbara Gordon forum, so Oracle fans should still participate. What I meant to say is that as fans, we can't change what DC does or doesn't choose to publish. They have chosen Barbara to be the new Batgirl, and that's that. Personally, I love the new series, but I can totally understand why other fans preferred Barbara as Oracle. What I'm trying to say is that DC is in control, so fans should accept DC's decisions. I never said people shouldn't voice their opinions, only that they should accept Barbara as Batgirl, as that's who she is now. Not Oracle, Batgirl. That's just how it is.

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@Brazen_Intellect: Firstly, what's so great about Stephanie Brown? I personally think she was boring and uninteresting. That's just my opinion though. Secondly, Barbara was great as Oracle. There's no denying it. But DC made the choice to make Barbara the New 52 Batgirl. Nobody can change that, so seriously, move on. To all those Barbara as Batgirl haters, you're on the wrong forum.

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@goldenbat said:

Barbara is the best Batgirl. She's the only Batgirl who fights in high-heels. What a trouper.

Cass, you were pretty good.

Steph, well...

Babs, you go girl!

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@Rumble Man said:


I was referring back to the early days when he's the martial arts guy or gadgets guy, before they made him prepper. She had to 'develop' to be strong, Cassie and Damien already are strong, with more room to develop character.

Actually, Cassandra Cain was 'developed' for her entire childhood, when her parents David Cain and Lady Shiva forced her to train as an assassin, isolating her for 'normal' life, depriving her of speech, remaining mute, being illiterate, and having limited social skills. Also, when she grew up, Cass asked her mother, Lady Shiva, who is often considered the most dangerous female assassin in the DC Universe, for training. So in fact, she was 'developed'; she was never strong to begin with, only she, unlike Barbara, had no option in her development - Barbara fights for justice, Cass fights to win - and kill.

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@Rumble Man said:


She's like a human batarang but better whereas the other two (robin/babs) serve as an achilles heel when batman is fighting a villain, batman gets the upper hand then suddenly the kids gets into hostage situation where bats has to free them. The world's greatest detective is not a babysitter, Cassie is most likely the ancestor of Karate Kid.

In case you didn't realize, Barbara has her own series, and Batman has only featured in one issue (#6), and, as a matter of fact, it's when he's the victim of an attack, and guess who comes to the rescue? Barbara Gordon, a.k.a Batgirl. Sure, back in the 1960/70s, Barbara was merely a 'sidekick', but now she's evolved into a strong, independent and sophisticated vigilante, who is quite capable of taking on villains herself (eg. Mirror, in #4), rather than living in Batman's shadow.

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