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My name is Justin, if the username isn't an obvious giveaway, and I currently reside in Canada. I don't speak French, I don't follow Hockey, and I don't live in an igloo. Comics are one way that keep me occupied, from the looks of it, taken up a lot of time, but other things I like to waste my time- err, do include being outdoors. I could never be inside all day, otherwise, irritability ensues. I doodle, used to do art, but I'm feeling uninspired and the motivation is lacking, and I also like to swim, bike, and just go out and have a good time; good times being the reason why I'm never online when the weekend nears. To sum things up, I like X-books, my favourite X-character is Siryn, and though the posting quantity lacks, I have other places on the net that occupy my time; my excuse ;)