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If DC was going to do a revamp at least have the guts to stick with it. I hated it at first but now I like it. I found it sad that they reverted power girl to her pre 52 costume because fans complain about loosing their masturbation source.

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Tony always been a jerk so i fail to see the point, but at least before he was a good jerk.

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She maybe in movies, but she does not have a solo movie or book. She ties with WW in Icon, but she maybe be better given her race.

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Never gonna happen, she is not Batman. Batman gets majority of the focus and everyone else be damn. Although hands down her game would destroy everyone's else why? God of war. She is the goddess of war and one of the best melee fighter and tacticians in the dc universe, not to mention she has Circe as an enemy.Her entire series could be base off Circe trying to become queen of Olympus and Wonder Woman has to stop her. You can even include multiple futures like domination, capture the flag, and death matches these cater to her war persona. To sum it up you can combine ever feature of a call of duty game,God of War, and even Skyrim to make her game and it would flow perfectly.

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@donjack: I can understand that but it seems out of character for her to do something like that.

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Not gonna lie I found this to be the worst issue of the series. The ending just wasn't strong. Diana looked like a dick with how she defeated the first born, take my hand(when she was the one in the bad position) get his hopes up and crush them. Zeke was no surprise, Zola was though. All around this was my favorite rendition of WW, but the way he ended his run was just so blah to me.

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@dark_vengeance_: Thats not what I said. What I am saying is I would rather make all Multiveristy's books into running series instead of releasing batman related books. Like Batman eternal, Red hood,Greyson, Catwoman, and Arkham Academy.

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I have very little faith in Warner Bro doing these movies successfully. I would prefer if they sold the rights to another movie company. Mainly because all the ever did was tackle batman and superman movies, but since avengers was successful they want to do this. Now they may do it perfectly, but I thinking it would have more Batman then it should, or they will pull another Batman and Robin forever, or catwoman.

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@thor_ul said:

@justice_teen said:

They lied Donna Troy was not in this.

I would love for all the Multiversities title to become running series instead of another damn Batman related title.

Maybe Donna was ther but we didn't saw her.

And yes, a series in a parallel world would be sweet.

@thor_ul: Artemis replaced Wonder Woman, Also I scan every page hard and did not see her.