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@v_scarlotte_rose: No they make up their own series, same goes for the manga writers. neither group is allowed to miss with anything that already exist, so count the jla and z fighters out.

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What would happen if the best comic book artists, editors, and writers switch with manga best? Meaning the comic team would make their own manga series, and the manga would make their own comic series. Who would do better job? How would it go? Explain why you answered the way you did.

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Me and a friend were arguing on why wonder woman is bad@$$ and deliverers a show or movie. He argue and ask "whats so special about her? What does she bring that makes her unique? She nothing but a female superman and she doesn't bring anything unique to the JLA. Flash offers speed which isn't really that useful, Martian Manhunter offers shape shifting, telepathy, and phase shifting, Green Lantern has his ring, Cyborg has tech , Batman offers detective skills, and superman bring power. What can she had that superman doesn't already bring? Her lasso and that's it, but its not always use and when she does participate its for something that the others could have done or was not necessary." Needless to say I could not think of one thing that make her unquestionably relevant or useful, so I told him I will find out and come back to it. So what make her stand out and relevant?

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@husk: @bierschneeman: Those were really good points that I never thought about, but what if they did it to where neither plays a dominate or submissive role but an equal one. Diana has always been shown to be a political warrior, and Clark has shown to be an ingenious reporter that never plays both sides and gathers as much as he can. With that being said maybe the two can combine their strengths and make up for each others individual weakness.

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@toplel: that does make sense, but in the current incarnations Wonder seems to be overshadowing superman

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Can anyone explain why no one in the trinity should date.

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The whole point of the dcnu was for Pandora to undo the wrongs she thought she did, but when forever evil end so will the reason for the dcnu( in terms of why pandora made it). Also how powerful is she since she did create the dcnu and affected powerful characters like darkseid, trigon, and the spectre in the process, infact only the stranger was aware of her temperance to the universe.

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@outside_85: I was asking in general we haven't seen them yet.

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@granitesoldier: But do we see this with superman and batman in a brotherlly way.

Also I feel Wonder Woman x Superman relationship is more interesting. They are lovers that must deal with elements such: wanting to be together but the masses are against their relationship out of fear, who are alone until they find each other, and are at constant threat of powerful beings seeing their union as a threat. While batman need Talia because: He will constantly have to batter over his duties as the dark night and his feeling for Talia and potential happiness, while she must battle over her love for Bruce and obligations to her father.