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This was a good I still feel she could win, but I stand by statement that both parties would collaspes the second after they won.

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@boynerdgeek: I know I am late but I cant agree with the Spectre. He is too powerful so a filem wouldnt do him justice.

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I love Damian, Batman become a lot more interesting to me when he came.

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Marvel Axis and what DC is doing to Lex is pretty amazing, but unfortunate it won't last long. For years we seen are favorite heroes go against our favorite villains and occasionally the villain becomes heroic and the hero becomes villainy for a short, but what if it wasn't for a short time? Why not have the turn a new leaf and work with their arch nemesis and bring in new villains to take up their old mantle.Then after a while have a big event that cause them to fall from grace and go back to their evil ways. As for the hero switching here is an example( This is just an example and nothing more so do take it literal) . Batman starts to release beating up the bad guys and throwing them in jail isn't working anymore, and the only way to truly clean up and protect Gotham is to permanently put them down. Some of the people of Gotham, and his some of allies don't agree with this and try to return him to his sense, but he determine to purge Gotham and warns them to help him or get put down. With his allies now against him Bruce turns to Ra's and finally admits he was right and that he is now ready to succeeded him, he does and he becomes the Bat-Demon. Of course someone else would take the mantle of Batman and the epic fight could last until Bruce see the errors of his way and go on a redemption arc(again just an example). I feel stuff like this could brig in more stories and be a very interesting path to take. What are your thoughts?

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This is where we see who are Batman fans and who are his gold diggers. BTW SNL did a skit on this.

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If DC didnt have to depend on Warner Bros then all their movies would be boss, but sadly their parent is the lame embarrassing one you hide from your friends.

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@nukea6: When could she wield this God Wave?

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No one would have a problem with killing zombies. Arrow, Constantine, and the flash have the best chance of survival due to them having better means of reversing the virus. Plus arrow and the flash are in the same universe so they can combine the smartest people of both shows and end this pretty quick. Magic an science aren't completely different so John can dominate this infection if this was comic version, but since its show version he may have his work cut out for him.

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Remember people she went toe to toe with a blood lust superman and did good, Supes beat Hulk in DC vs Marvel. Now I am not saying she can beat him easily, but giving her training, experience, skills, arsenal( preferably the granulates that increase her strength), and intelligence she has a damn good chance of winning. Now I dont remember much about this Hulk, but I do know Hulk mainly relies on strength and brute force which means squat against a season combatant. Either who ever wins will collapse a second after the fight ends.

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I didn't know the 2006 one was Donna.