The Omega Effect and the Power Cosmic

I have noticed something that seems to plague the both of these.

Their wielders, in regards to plot or character stupidity (i.e. Thanos vs. Surfer and Superman vs. Darkseid), they get downplayed stupidly for another's gain. We all know that one blast of the Omega Effect would annihilate Superman and turn him to dust(and not even that. Omega Sanction him to the Stone Age like Batman), and if the Surfer went all out and used the amount of power cosmic that he has to it's full extent, what stops him from turning and matter manipulating Thanos into a cheesestick?

Is it just bad writing from the writers?

We know that overall, the Omega Effect and the Power Cosmic have feats that solidify the true power of them, but when Superman or Thanos (respectively) come into the picture, it's like Darkseid becomes a weakling and Surfer can't seem to harm Thanos.

I mean, why is that? Am I just wrong here? I mean, clearly this shouldn't be happening, but it does. Why?


Is Darkseid resistant to telepaths?

Say for example, Charles Xavier approached him, could he penetrate Darkseid's mind?

Or maybe someone from Darkseid's own universe, like Martian Manhunter. Has there ever been instances of this?

I'm not really looking for people to tell me "yes". I'm looking for evidence with scans.

Anyone got anything?


The Omega Beams

Can someone help me out? I'm trying to understand the difference between The Omega Beams The Omega Effect The Omega Sanction When I look stuff up, it all sounds the same to me. So if they are all the same, why not just be "The Omega Beams", and that's it. Why include more to confuse people?