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Thank you!  I started writing it last night.  It opens with the Enchantress in period dress visiting the House of Guerlain in Paris, the year of the famous Paris World Fair.  She has commissioned Monsieur Guerlain to concoct a "fragrance" for her from a recipe, but the fragrance is really a magic potion that can turn men into love slaves.  I figured that since she's hiding out in the past then she can't really use a lot of Asgardian magic, lest she attract the attention of Odin or Frigga.  With the right graphic artist this story could be visually stunning, complete with vistas of Belle Epoque Paris.  Guess what the name of the fragrance will be?

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What happened to Avatar Press?

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@satyrgod: The Enchantress, seeking to avoid the dangerous mess that the early twenty-first century has become, casts a spell in which she transports herself back in time  to Belle Epoque Paris and hides there, enjoying the city and mingling with historical characters until she meets up with Selene Gallio, the Black Queen, who has installed herself as the mistress of an orphanage and is draining the little children there of their energy (she's a psychic vampire).  Amora the Enchantress finds her heart at last as she cannot stand to see the little children abused in this manner.  A war of the goddesses ensues that I wish to entitle "Enchantresses of Paris."   What do you think?