Nightjar--What happened?

I would describe the essential concept of this comic book to be something like Kill Bill meets Harry Potter.  That is as concise as I can be.  It was a great comic with great potential.  What happened?  Was it too complicated?   Mirrigan Demdyke, the main character, is a witch.  Her father was the king of the wizards and witches, but a cabal of mystics decided to group together and take him out.  This is not how it was supposed to happen.  A lone wizard can challenge the king for his crown and fight him with magick.  Mirrigan Demdyke inherits the obligation to avenge her father's murder at the hands of the cabal.  She will have to get each wizard and witch one by one.

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Posted by Decoy Elite

*Types into search*

Hmm...Avatar Press. Welp there's your problem.

Posted by juno9

What happened to Avatar Press?

Posted by Decoy Elite

@juno9 said:

What happened to Avatar Press?

Nothing as far as I know, I'm just saying indie titles tend to sell badly and not get off the ground.

Assuming Nightjar was cancelled.