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Wow just when you though Batman couldn't get more awesome! Will definitely be picking this up.

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I Absolutely love the cover for BATMAN/SUPERMAN #17.

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Gotta give it to Wolvie. He definitely earned it this month.

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Im not asking who had the best acting or best characterization, but simply who you personally liked the best. For me i have to give it to Ronan. There was just something remarkably evil about him in that movie. i'm used to the Anti hero Ronan, So Lea perce brought quite the change of pace for me.

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@dragonborn_ct said:

@mrdecepticonleader said:

Michael Bay so I can see all the DBZ fans hate it :)

It is their turn to get a bunch of sh!tty movie :P

Your probably never heard of Evolution, have you? :P

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That has to be one of the funniest responses i have ever seen on the internet.

Its very unlikely that they will ever be able to make a descent Dragon Ball Z live action movie, its just one of those things that were probably to made to stay a cartoon. Its just too cartoony and the action way is to excessive. There is a reason why they power down characters like Superman and Thor in films it makes them more grounded and realistic. But the thing is these character were never made to exist on the big screen. They just warent. But movie special effects have come along way so given the effectiveness of modern movie special effects , making a convincing looking Dragon Ball Z movie is within the realm of possibility. But making a Dragon Ball Z is about more then having good special effects, it has to be made into coherent movie with a descent plot and script. And then there's the problem of condensing nearly 300 episodes of material into 3-6 maybe even 10 films. If its to be made into live action id prefer they went the Game of Thrones route. Which would still be around 80 130 episodes if they some how manged to give the show a 1 hour long ruining time. But this is all very hypothetical and extremely unlikely. I highly doubt any of the major television networks are willing back 80-130 episodes of a live action adaption of an anime. Anime isnt really liked by mainstream audiences in America. Just look at Pacific rims performance at the box office domestically. International audiences loved it but in the states not so much. And what sucks about that is that were the ones with the greatest and most convincing special effects so yea there's that.

But with all that being said, if by some kind miracle Hollywood decided to make another Dragon Ball Z movie . And this time around they decided to give it justice were looking at a budget well 200 million dollars. The movie is going to have to be made by a director who is seasoned in large scale big budget effect shows. So my top choices would be Michael Bay Zack Snyder Peter Jackson James Cameron Stephen Spielberg The Wachowskis and Guillermo del Toro(Pacfic rim speaks for itself. Or pretty much any director whose capable of effectively directing a big budget effects show spectacle of a movie.

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I like both equally! I dont see thee need in picking a side. What is this The X-men?

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She is actually right. People complain about all those movies, post all kind of junk about the movie on the internet. And then they still go to said movie. Not like it matters anyway TMNT is going to be one awesome movie. Well at least i have faith that its going to be.

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I have many favorite fictional characters way too many to count on one list, but since this is comic vine i might as well list my all time favorite Superheroes-Six way tie between Superman,Batman,Wolverine,Captain America, Thor and Iron man. Nobody comes close to these guys imo.

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He would i mean she would be a lot scarier. I mean if Loki can pull it off, why not the Joker.

And something tells me that would be a slight sexual tension between she Joker and Batman.