An Idea that a friend and I had

So a friend and I were discussing what would be an interesting arc for Marvel to do that involved our favorite Web-Head and that would set up something interesting for the Marvel U. My friend said, "What if some of the lesser known or B-list to C-List villains of Spidey found a Cosmic Cube and used it to increase their power levels to a really powerful and they also eliminate all the main A-list Heroes except for Spider-Man. Spidey notices this and goes to fight them but get's beat. So he finds the remaining hero's to help, basically the younger and lesser known heroes of the Marvel U. This team would be a slightly dysfunctional team that fights off in a battle against the powerful B-List villians. When they win and try to reset reality "Back to the way it is suppose to be" with the cube the cube gives off a weird glow before it shatters and a darker reality appears....

When my friend and I talked about it we were thinking possibly some of the Young Avengers, the AA and younger X-Men that would be over looked when the villians used the cosmic cube, along with the many over looked adult heroes of the Marvel U. We thought it would be nice to show Pete's leadership skills that are sometimes overlooked due to some of the other heroes. I kinda thought of this going into the "Reverse OMD" stories eventually, basically Metiphisto's deal Keeps reality from resetting the right it is suppose to be, creating a reality where it is up to the all the heroes and some of the villains to help Spidey and correct this deal. My friend said he could see that happening or Marvel even going into deeper issues and possibilities.

Note: I wasn't sure who all to list in the tags so if you want me to add people just let me know, thanks, also this was just an idea that came up after a lecture in Criminology, we are poor college students that do not work for Marvel, so if you don't like it you don't have to worry about it happening, that said please no rude remarks. Thanks


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Posted by Superguy0009e

there is a story kind of what you are talking about, no where near the same people, but the same general idea.


Posted by jukeboxheroabc

@Superguy0009e: Huh, Funny I haven't heard of that one looks like a good read. Thanks for showing that. Though I don't see any problems with Marvel doing something like what I'm mentioning.