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 Vanisher's dead too, he ported to his brothel in Venezuela, and found all the girls dead. The MRD was waiting for him, and he got shot several times as he tried to port away. He escaped, but he was riddled and bleeding when he got to where he was going. Ironically, his last thoughts/words were wondering how they knew about his girls.

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Nope, Blue Marvel clearly won that fight. He  BFR'd and one shotted Sentry into orbit, then he whooped everybody on the Avengers. While he was fighting and winning against them, Sentry put all his power into a divebomb from orbit. Basically a high speed sneak attack. Marvel passed out after he got hit, but his one hit to Sentry had him on his knees in pain.

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Thing has actually reach Class 100, but it's unknown how far into that Class he is.
Colossus on the other hand has caught a 300 ton ship, while he was injured, and other things of that magnitude.

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In 616, his armor is actually segmented, his face isn't though. In Ultimates, his armor is smooth.

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Cyber's skin is Adamantium, and he moves just fine.
And it has actually happened before, Colossus got captured by Weapon X, and was missing for like 10-20 years. When they finally found him, he'd been permanently transformed into living Adamantium, which, while causing him great, and constant pain, boosted his strength and durability to crazy levels.
And if it were to happen again, Colossus would be indestructible, making him one of the most durable beings in the Marvel Universe, plus I'm pretty sure his strength would be a match for just about anybody.

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It's an extremely strong organic steel/metal that is of unknown composition, but it has been compared to osmium, like Panila said.

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He was just knocked unconscious, he's okay, especially once Leech left.

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I'd say, the strongest 3 Brutes with nothing but strength on their side.(No flying, energy powers, etc.) Are Juggernaut, Hulk, and Colossus.

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If Kurt get's a symbiote, he becomes much more agressive, which equals him porting off body parts, instant victory for every fight afterward.

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The only reason Vulcan can hurt Cyclops and Havok is because his power level was boosted to Omega. And in a recent issue, Havok absorbed a living star and left Vulcan huddled on the ground.

And it's true that some related mutants are immune to each other (Banshee/Black Tom), while some aren't, (Cyclops/Havok)

And her mutant ability is teleportation stepping discs, yes.

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