Who would you guys cast for The Guardians of The Galaxy?

No Warlock :(

Given all this hype, i thought id ask the fans who they would cast and what their hopes are for the film. since Hollywood cares about our opinion right? the thing is i just want to know who everyone wants as the Guardians Of The Galaxy. its coming fairly soon Aug 1, 2014. I saw some fan pics of Nathan Fillion for StarLord, or Micheal Rooker to voice Rocket Raccoon. all obvious rumors. but there was a rumor of Dr Strange being played by Viggo Mortensen and going to appear in Thor The Dark World. Since then the rumor has been shot down. The fact is readers of the Infinity Gauntlet know that Adam Warlock was a central character to the story, what if there was some miscommunication and Warlock is going to appear in film? what can i say? i'm just hopeful haha, being that Warlock was missing in the character concept art for the film. if he doesnt appear i will be very mad, Warlock is a huge favorite of mine. those are just my thought what say you guys?

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