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@captainmarvel4ever: for sure, pretty much every issue is a good jump on point, and recently we're just getting started with Malcolm Dragon as the protagonist. Best comic on the stands I'd say!

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Still one of my favorite characters, very very memorable character in Savage Dragon. Also my favorite of Dragon's girlfriends over the years. Fun, sexy, lots of attitude, and quite the character.

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Dc needs to get it's sh*t together.

Well said. Lobo is one of DC's best characters in recent decades, and could be every bit as popular as say Deadpool at Marvel if he had a great book. And get Bisley doing covers of course, and hey maybe an issue or two. Needless to say, not the other new appalling version

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Entertaining pod. I disagree with the idea that Jim Lee's Lois Lane is "too curvy", for the record. There's a lot of to me very misplaced body shame kind of stuff happening in comics journalism, a "boobs are bad" mentality that is just misguided. And what is the rubric for how curvy Lois should be anyway, other than personal taste in art?

Anyways, fun pod.

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For one month The Walking Dead was the #1 selling comic beating Batman, so you could say that's a comic franchise that surpassed Batman one time. http://www.icv2.com/articles/news/23605.html And I kid, I know Batman probably still made more money there when combining his many titles.

For Box Office, Avengers and Iron Man 3 have made more money worldwide than any Batman movie. http://boxofficemojo.com/alltime/world/

Anyways, agreed Batman is one of and perhaps the most popular comic book franchise. Now for the question "that will surpass" Batman, if we're talking in quality, then I'd say many have. Creator owned books that evolve over the years like say Savage Dragon or Invincible for example surpass it for me, though that's all personal taste.

You also mention Batman has an army of diehard fans, but X-Men fans seem just as endless if not more so. There was a time when X-books sold a lot more than the Batman books. I'm too lazy to add them all up right now to see which do better at the moment, but it's probably close.

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Miller reinvented Daredevil with his historic run, and he later reinvented Batman in a similar image. His heightened gritty noir influenced pulpy street level crime book changed the genre.

So, I recommend for starters the three Miller/Jansen Daredevil Omnibus volumes, and also Born Again. And there's also The Man Without Fear, a great Daredevil origin story done by Miller and John Romita Jr. All terrific terrific stuff, by far the best, and the first thing to check out as a Daredevil reader I'd say.

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@dwightspitz: You like it when Batman stops a crazy gangster but you don't like it if Judge Dredd or Robocop do it? What's the difference, effectively? Other than I guess a little extra romanticism put on it for Batman and other vigilantes. Plus Dredd does it while satirizing the police etc, that should actually be bonus points for you I'd think.

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@bob808: I'm with you on finding fault with our system and putting government under scrutiny etc. But I don't get why this makes you dislike the character Judge Dredd, while you can still enjoy reading about violent vigilantes and whatnot. If anything Dredd glorifies fascism less than most characters, since he's not supposed to come across as a pure clean hero.

Plus, I'm not sure why real life values would need to be so connected to enjoying fiction. There are several fun stories about serial killers, Dexter for example, they can still be fun characters even if they'd be monstrous in reality.

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@silent_bomber: Great post, and well said. I was gonna post that behind-the-scenes pic as well.

@bob808: Dredd involves satire and criticizing our system of law today, as sci-fi often does. It's not endorsing the fascist stuff and whatnot. Just curious, I see Dredd listed as one of your least favorite characters. Have you read a Dredd comic? Preferably one by his creator John Wagner (still writing today too).

Also, did you know Dredd has at times questioned the system and gone against it? And he even once fought for the right for democracy? And recently fought for the rights of mutants, etc.

For me it's Judge Dredd with ease, though Robocop is a great film.