Top 25 women in comics....

This is my little list of my favorite women in comics.......

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Posted by Samimista

Great list! Daria rocks! =D One of my favorite cartoons. ^__^

Have you ever heard of Nana Osaki by the way? =O I'd think you'd like her. She's one of my favorites.

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@samimista: Hopey Glass is from love and rockets. It was an 80's comic about two punk rock latin girls. Tank Girl was based on young a Hopey Glass, you should comic vine her.... Never heard of Nana Osaki....

Posted by Samimista

@judasnixon: Aw I will thank you. ^__^ Punk girls rock. =D Nemi's cool too. Her sense of humor is wicked. xD I'd like her to get an animated series. Nana Osaki is from an anime called Nana but she's really cool.

Unfortunately the manga is close to the end yet has been on hold since 2008. 0.0 Been waiting since for the author to finish it up.
Posted by Riot_Sqrrl

I wouldn't change the list in any way, except to give honorable mentions to the forgotten Lenny Shapiro, Tulip O'Hare, and the Mist (they don't have to be heroic, do they?).

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This is an EPIC list, my friend. Well done.

Posted by ragdollpurps

Ahhh, you've managed to weed out most of the marvel and dc characters and replaced them with indie ones.

Congratulations, you've completed your transition into becoming an ultra punk hipster comic reader.

*golf claps*

Glad to see some Strange Girl recognition. Probably the only other thing Remender has written that I fully enjoy, besides UXF. But no love for Maggie? I almost like her a little more than Hopey and having Zee on here reminds me that I need to finish DMZ up. S'hard to cut it down to just ten ladies.

You've got the only other gal who probably wears as much purple as I do, Kate, and my bbygrrl Mrs. Free. I read Local some months back, and that resonated with me to the point where I couldn't help but cry throughout it. I've been meaning to read some of Pelicula's stories too, sooo....

All in all, great list. Thumbs up.

@riot_sqrrl: I've asked you some questions in your thread thing, btw~ Just a heads up.

Posted by judasnixon

Most likely I'm going to make this my top 25 women in comics..... I'm missing a few of my favorites like Layla Miller, Zatanna, Psylocke, and Delirium......

Posted by Riot_Sqrrl
Posted by fables87

We share a lot of the same favorites for female comic book characters.

Posted by Fredcdobbs

Love Ms Thing:) How bout Beetle from Superior Foes?

Posted by hyperman

such an interesting list. Cool!

Posted by Guru_Crack

Not going to lie alot of the indie girls passed me by.