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okay the topic was just for fun and now back to business this is my first true blog so please comment and i really hope u like it
now to star i want to ask why so less muslim characters i mean the famous one is dust form the x men and don't want to give a picture u already know her .
then there is the newly revealed(like her clothes) Monet or m so she is modern (and by modern i mean liberal )and there is Excalibur .Faiza hussain a doctor of british doctor of Pakistani  heritage (thank God) now

  • Why so less
  • why only girls(and i know Arabian knight  but he is hardly seen literally )
  • is it right to portray them
and be gentle this is my first blog please be kind hope u like the topic i just WANNA HAVE FUN P.S first blog
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Posted by celestial_man

are you aware that Monet  of   gen  x /  x-factor   mother is from a  predominately Muslim country  and considers herself to be  ethnically muslim but doesnt practice it as a religon.  i suppose that also makes emplate muslim.

Posted by xerox_kitty

@jubilee042 said:

then there is the newly revealed(like her clothes) Monet or m so she is modern (and by modern i mean liberal )

@celestial_man said:

are you aware that Monet of gen x / x-factor

I'd say that he's aware ;)

@celestial_man said:

i suppose that also makes emplate muslim.

He would certainly have been raised a Muslim, but given Emplate's nature then I doubt that he continues to have any sort of faith. It would certainly be a huge & bizarre twist if he was revealed to considered himself faithful to any religion, considering just how 'evil' he is.

Posted by Timandm

You left out Dust of the X-Men...  Unlike Monet, there's no doubt that Dust is Muslim.  I don't mean that in a disparaging way towards Monet, but she's a character who the reader would never know was Muslim unless she specifically said so as she did a few issues back to Guido.
With Dr. Faiza and Dust, on the other hand, there's no doubt.  They're both strong characters, and obviously Muslim...
As to why there aren't that many Muslim characters, and why no males in particular?  I can only guess that it's because of who is writing the comics...  I could be wrong, but I believe most are male, white, American, and likely Christian...  People write from what they know...  If they leave out certain things, it could simply be because it's something he's not familiar with.
I do think one of the hindrances (at least to the current writers of comic books) to bringing in more female Muslim characters is 'dress code.'   Current writers like female superheroes that dress in a very sexy or alluring manner...  Most female super heroes are scantily clad; they show a lot of skin... It's impossible to show a devout Muslim female superhero in this manner...  The writers even push it with Dust... They have her wearing an Abaya (although she called it a Burqa at first) but the Abaya is 'form fitting.'  In fact, it makes her look sexy... Which is the exact OPPOSITE effect that an Abaya is supposed to have...
I believe it IS possible to have both male and female Muslim superheroes, I just think it's going to take time for the writers to come around...  Perhaps you could suggest it to them?

Posted by higher_evolutionary
too much islamphobia to pull it out
people these days just love to hate
Posted by UCLGeogPhD 
Here be a range of Muslim superheroes both men and women.  They recently had a team up with the JLA too, which I haven't had time to make my way through yet...may do that later...
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There's not many, but there are a couple. If we're discussing marvel only:
Abdul Alhazred
Abdul Al-Rahman 
Arabian Knight
Askari the Spear
Black Raazer
Faiza Hussain
Farouk Al-Fasoud  
Josiah X
Rama Kaliph
Sedara Bakut
Wild rose
Also you have the 99 from Teshkeel comics that also appears in some crossover with DC.

Posted by entropy_aegis

There's Bilal Asselah from Batman INC,and i always wondered about the Al Ghuls'.

Posted by Timandm
@higher_evolutionary: Sadly, people have always loved to hate...  Will we ever learn?