I see London,I see France ,I see someone's........(nothing)

It just occurred to me that most  comic book characters don't seem to wear underwear(Gasp!!! i know horrible).I am speaking mostly about men because well if a  woman doesn't wear underwear well  the comic sells more.As you can see from emma,power girl and many others(the less they wear the more men they make happy).most male superheroes don,t look as if they wear any cause well they wear tight as hell spandex or leather and if the wear underpants well  it shows a little i mean the form shows like your wearing something underneath but no it just doesn't show( thats right x men,avengers,teen titans) for example:cyclops,wolvie,colossus,nightwing and many more

i mean do you think he is wearing any underwear  
 well  you can see my point now

x factor on schism

what affect will schism have on x factor well just curious they are a mutant team they have close ties to the x men i think  no affect at all well you opinions(maybe on m,theresa,layla and madrox ) and can some of you do a favor and comment my previous blog of the weekly news maybe if  we get enough sara will do one please with a cherry on top


what happened to the awesome weekly news

What ever happened to the weekly news.I always watched it all the news in a single video by a very beautiful girl what happenedand dont yell at me if u have the perfect answer.This blog is to appreciate the news aswell.


Off jubilee042's mind:muslims in comics

okay the topic was just for fun and now back to business this is my first true blog so please comment and i really hope u like it
now to star i want to ask why so less muslim characters i mean the famous one is dust form the x men and don't want to give a picture u already know her .
then there is the newly revealed(like her clothes) Monet or m so she is modern (and by modern i mean liberal )and there is Excalibur .Faiza hussain a doctor of british doctor of Pakistani  heritage (thank God) now

  • Why so less
  • why only girls(and i know Arabian knight  but he is hardly seen literally )
  • is it right to portray them
and be gentle this is my first blog please be kind hope u like the topic i just WANNA HAVE FUN P.S first blog


today is the semifinal between  pakistan and india  and this is like the final to us we nations have such a rivalry you people cant imagine and i am with pakistan all the way please watch it please it will be coool as helll