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I love Young Justice and it will clearly win the poll, but I have to give my vote to WATX.

The difficulty in writing that show was pretty extreme because of the two different settings (present and future), so you have the X-Men of the present trying to correct a future gone wrong with bits and pieces of future knowledge. It was a very nice mix of X-Men not an overly powerful group (as far as X-Men go) which meant they had to work as a team. The best part was that the characters were true to themselves.

I would have loved to see a 26 season long episode story line dealing with the AOA. You have to wonder what would cause Scott Summers to ally himself with Mr. Sinister.

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Young Justice built upon each episode and i really enjoyed the season arc of Invasion. In short it did not treat the viewer like an idiot (see ultimate Spider-Man) which a lot of cartoon shows do (I am looking at you newest incarnation of Ben 10). However, TPTB seem to think only little itty bitty kids watch it which is why like shows such as Wolverine and X-men, Spectacular Spiderman etc. never seem to make it past a couple of seasons at the most.

It really is a shame that is there not going to be a Season 3 of YJ because I loved the potential idea of the Light working with Darkseid. What kind of deal would they have going on? I also wonder if Raven might have been in the mix as well for a third season.

I don't know if he is a favorite character but I loved the way Wally West was portrayed right on through to the end of this episode. He was about as true as the comic version was back in the heyday of Teen Titans (Wolfman/Perez).

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@Dud317 said:

I agree that it seems better for a backup, or even a mini that leads into Trinity War. But an ongoing? DC is putting a lot of eggs in one basket on this one. Don't know Phantom Strangers numbers, but maybe it's doing better than they anticipated. Hell, why not make it an ongoing of all 3 in 1?

Because if it was to say reg. size book. You would be looking 8-10 pages each so essentially 3 backups. That means you would have to make it a quarterly and those do not have a great track record on the stand.

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With tying her to the mythological Pandora, this is a series that could go in a lot of directions and would have a lot of material to pull from. It could be really good, but then again so was Sword of Sorcery and that got the ziggy.

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Yeah, I was disappointed by Sword of Sorcery being canceled. I was just getting interested in seeing Gemworld. The writing was solid as was the artwork. Even more important (IMHO) is that SoS was good entry book in an industry that seems to be doubling down more and more on the tights. That is a losing strategy. If TPTB wanted to expand their readership then they need to have entry books and let's be honest writing for women.