Pull List: September 12, 2012

DC Comics
American Vampire Lord of Nightmares 4
Batgirl 0
Batman 0
Marvel Comics
Avengers vs. X-Men 11
Uncanny X-Force 31
Uncanny X-Men 18
Wolverine and X-Men 16
X-Men Legacy 273 - I will keep this on the list since it is about to go to number 1.

Via Subscription
New Avengers 30
The Books I Would Have Bought:
Batman and Robin 0 - While I'm really enjoying this title, I can't afford it. I will be back. 
Captain America 17 - This book has been serviceable. I really loved Brubaker's run on Captain America, but since Epting went off the book it hasn't felt the same. I will probably come back to this one in the future.
Captain America and Black Widow 636 - As a new story arc is beginning, this is the perfect point to drop this title. The last couple of arcs have been alright, but they haven't even been close to the Brubaker run.
Winter Soldier 10 - I will pick this up again in the future. It's been a decent title, but I don't care enough to keep reading now. 
X-Men 35 - I'm going to hold on this series for now and buy the issues I skip in the future
X-Treme X-Men 3 - Since this is a relatively new title, I am going to drop it. I'll pick up a run on ebay once it ends. For now, I can't afford it.
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I Was Laid Off! Revised pull list

That means an immediate cut in the comics I will buy, and the sale of some of my collection.
DC Comics
Swamp Thing 0
Marvel Comics
Invincible Iron Man 524
Venom 24
As to the books I might have bought:
Action Comics 0 - I was thinking of dropping this anyway, and was pretty much planning to after Morrison left.
Detective Comics 0 - This I will pick up in the future when I am capable of doing so. I happen to like this run so far. It's not as consistent as Snyder's Batman, or as thrilling as Batman and Robin, but it's definitely one of the stronger Batbooks.
Mind the Gap 4 - This was a book that I had problems continuing to buy. It is definitely interesting, but I'm not sure that's enough to keep me reading.
Age of Apocalypse 7 - Pausing this for now breaks my heart. This book is an exciting alternate take on the Marvel universe, but I simply don't know that much about the history of this alternate universe. It has been tough to follow at times, but really enjoyable. I will revisit this book as soon as possible.
Avengers Academy 36 - With the Marvel Now initiative dropping soon, I hear this title is going to end. Here are my thoughts: Marvel relaunched the Avengers books a few months after I began reading comics as an adult. There were four titles, Avengers and New Avengers written by Brian Michael Bendis; Secret Avengers by Brubaker, Ellis, and then Remender; and Avengers Academy. While the plots contained in Avengers and New Avengers may have been strong, the scripting was terrible. Secret Avengers has been a fabulous book since the beginning. The first arc was fabulous, and seeing Captain America wearing Nova's helmet is a moment that I will always remember in comics! I was happy to see the recent inclusion of Venom on the team. Avengers Academy, therefore, has been my second favorite title out of the four. The writing has been consistent from Gage, but what's even more important is his ability to cut to the issues with a finely tuned scalpel. I agree with the critics who said that Avengers Academy's tie ins to Fear Itself were the strongest books in the entire event (far stronger than the main title)! This is a book that I will absolutely revisit, but as I am already behind two issues I think I will put it on hold for now. I have a feeling, though, that I will pick up the balance of this title very soon.

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September 5, 2012

DC Comics
Action Comics 0
Detective Comics 0
Swamp Thing 0

Image Comics
Mind the Gap 4

Marvel Comics
Age of Apocalypse 7
Avengers Academy 36
First X-Men 2? First issue was not great.
Hawkeye 2? First issue was ok, but I don't care about Hawkeye at all.
Invincible Iron Man 524
Venom 24

Via Subscription
Amazing Spider-Man 693

August 29, 2012

American Vampire 30
Detective Comics Annual 1
Flash Annual 1
Justice League 12

Captain Marvel 3?
Gambit 2
New Mutants 48
Uncanny X-Force 30
Winter Soldier 9
Wolverine and X-Men 15
X-Treme X-Men 2

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Pull List: August 22, 2012

DC Comics
Flash 12

Marvel Comics
Astonishing X-Men 53
Captain America and Namor 635.1
Invincible Iron Man 523
Secret Avengers 30
Supercrooks 4
Uncanny X-Men 17
Venom 23
Wolverine 312
Wolverine Annual 1?
X-Men Legacy 272

Via Subscription
Amazing Spider-Man 692


Pull List: August 8, 2012

JUN120191     BATGIRL #12     $2.99
JUN120177     BATMAN #12     $3.99
JUN120187     BATMAN AND ROBIN #12     $2.99

JUN120637     CAPTAIN AMERICA #16     $3.99
JUN120638     CAPTAIN AMERICA AND IRON MAN #635     $2.99
JUN120681     GAMBIT #1     $2.99
JUN120606     NEW AVENGERS #29 AVX     $3.99
JUN120629     VENOM #22     $2.99
JUN120693     WOLVERINE #311     $3.99
MAY120710     X-MEN LEGACY #271     $2.99


Pull List: August 1, 2012

JUN120164     ACTION COMICS #12     $3.99
JUN120181     DETECTIVE COMICS #12     $3.99
JUN120207     SWAMP THING #12     $2.99

MAY120618     MIND THE GAP #3 [DIG]     $2.99

JUN120676     AGE OF APOCALYPSE #6     $2.99
JUN120609     AVENGERS ACADEMY #34     $2.99
JUN120592     AVENGERS VS X-MEN #9 AVX     $3.99
JUN120677     FIRST X-MEN #1     $3.99
JUN120659     HAWKEYE #1     $2.99
JUN120651     INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #522     $3.99
JUN120689     X-MEN #33     $3.99


Pull List: July 25, 2012

DC Comics
American Vampire 29
Batman Incorporated 3
Flash 11

Marvel Comics
Astonishing X-Men
Captain America 15
Captain America and Iron Man 634
Hit-Girl 2
Secret Avengers 29
Uncanny X-Force 28
Venom 21
Winter Soldier 8
Wolverin and X-Men 14
X-Men Legacy 270
X-Treme X-Men 1

Via Subscription
Amazing Spider-Man 690
Avengers 28