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I'd recommend the current Thunderbolts title. First arc was ok, but it really picked up for me after Charles Soule took over.

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I'd figure Punisher would be on there

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@ceo_of_fresh: OK, thanks for the suggestion. I'll definitely be sure to check it out

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I liked it quite a bit

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  • The Tick
  • Ambush Bug
  • The Demon (1991)
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There are a few exceptions, like Moon Knight, Martian Manhunter, Iron Man, and Punisher; but for the most part I typically like the villains more than heroes.

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@gordyman: I was reading it from the beginning too. I got up to like issue 50 or so and haven't managed to start back up yet.

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I use CBR Reader

wow thats some basic bland piece of software with no extra use than acrobat

so far comic rack seems the best just the library is very weird. need to be able to see all my library and jump to other comics and favorites etc

Does it need to do more than what it does? I use it to read .cbr files. What else should it do?

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@knightsofdarkness2: Here are some from what I've been reading of the New 52 that I don't recall having a lot of sexual content or too much violence:

  • Birds of Prey
  • Blue Beetle (cancelled, but was one of my favorites; my little brother, who's like two years older than you, really enjoyed it too)
  • Detective Comics (possibly the most mature of the ones I've listed, but it seems from your comments that you like Batman a lot, and it isn't like super violent or sexualized....at least that I can remember)
  • Fury of Firestorm (cancelled, but I really enjoyed it)
  • The Flash
  • Justice League of America
  • Talon

isn;t detective comics the one that's starts off right off the bat with a serial killer (not a super villain, a dahmer styled serial killer) who cuts peoples faces off? which is then graphically depicted full frame? don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, by I wouldn't want my 10 year old kid reading it anymore than watching silence of the lambs.

once they hit high school maybe im sure.

Ah...yes...well, good thing I added that little disclaimer of "at least that I can remember" lol...yea, yikes, that might be not so good for a 10 year old. I guess I was really only remembering the stuff since Layman took over. So, like after issue 10 or so. That's like the Emperor Penguin and Wrath arcs. I suppose the Man-Bat stuff could be a tad gruesome too.

Although, that being said...isn't it a bit strange that in your earlier post you said "Yes" to Demon Knights (which, I should say, was one of my favorite New 52 titles). There's all sorts of dark magic and violence that makes that a bit too much for that age group.