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Gwen's costume is so beautiful and I love the idea behind the story. It's makes it so fresh but also keeps it familiar. It also gives an interesting perspective into what it means spider-man (or spider-woman as it would seem) or just a hero in general. And also I'm amazed at the overwhelming love for it, usually when something like this happens people get really angry. I think with this kind of reaction Marvel would be crazy not to either incorporate this Gwen into continuity or have this be its own universe and have her own series.

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Where's shadowman?

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Crossover events are cool but lately there has been an abundance of them. The kind of stories I like best are the character driven arcs that follow the title character intimately and brings you closer into the characters mind. Having so many events kind of diminishes the impact they should have. To me events should feel like an epic full of beautiful drama and beautiful art, much like Crisis on Infinite Earths. Some may not like Zero Year right now because of its length by I like that it takes its time building up what makes batman truly great. I wish comics would take more time just focusing on what makes the characters tick instead of going for shocking reveals and crossover events.

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Yeah I chose Joker but I wanna be more specific. The new 52 Joker scares the shit out of me.

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Okay so this is a good event but I don't understand how Jean Grey and Scott can really believe staying in that time will be okay. Even more how Kitty and Rachel can agree with them. It doesn't make sense at all to me.

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I don't understand this hate for Harper Row, of everything i read about her she seems fine. She's smart, clever and strong willed. If there were to be another Robin I personally would choose her or she could make a good Oracle. So can someone please explain to me why everyone pretty much hates Harper Row?