My Justice League

Characters I would love to see in the ultimate Justice League

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Posted by Liberty

I love a lot of these.  It is a nice mix of classic and fringe heroes. I also love that you explain why. 

Posted by SoA

you got all bases covered : power , tactics, and abilities . nice .

Posted by A_O_N

Cool list! Are you an avid JL reader?

Posted by jrh7925
@A_O_N:  You better believe it! I love the JLA.
Posted by batmanbeyond234
The JLA are the best team in comics. Glad to meet a fellow fan. Also,congratulations on the community star
Posted by Kallarkz
Very nice list. Though i have never been quite the fan of Captain Atom. 
MM though is a beast who needs to be shown more. Like the idea of throwing a new speedster in the mix as well.
Posted by turoksonofstone

interesting team.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

I love it..especially Metamorpho and Kilowog