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Very awesome guide! Yes, the multiple linking on some pages is annoying. 
Though I will respectfully disagree on linking in Plot Summaries. When I write a plot summary, there are often cases where I reference a little bit of backstory or meta information so that the issue does not seem like it happens in a vacuum. For instance, please reference my plot summary for Superman: Man of Steel #37. In it, Supes is plagued by alternate Batmen, and the main villains are from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns. Though Frank Miller is not a creator for the issue, nor would I tag it as part of the Dark Knight Returns story arc... unless I risk pikahyper's ire :) Still, I think the links make sense and give the reader a place to explore the inside references that we may take for granted. I guess I don't see a problem with linking in a Plot Summary, as long as it follows all the other standards you (and Red L.A.M.P.) have outlined.  On the flip side, I tend not to link a mundane object or location, and tend to only link characters, teams, and objects.

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@fesak:  Just spending two days doing the heroes I listed made my head numb... so I have to give you crazy credit. I noticed you've been renaming people with the parenthesis, which has made life a lot easier. Unfortunately, I don't follow the Bat books, so Batman/Robin/Batgirl is not up my area. But I can cover people like Flash, Atom, or Aquaman.
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@aztek the lost said:
well the mods discourage crediting concepts in general because it is too often abused and people get the wrong idea that they should just make pages, put nothing more on them then a title, a picture and a blurb and then credit them to 100 issues...the idea is the article itself and only a few concepts are truly benefited from the issue credits  but I am excited to see what you do with the page "
Well, I think I'll have my hands more than full with just doing the hero cleanup, that I probably won't have the time to tag the concept. I just have to remember that the concept page is there...
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@aztek the lost said:  
and I think what would be better, because just tagging an issue won't tell anyone why you tagged it, is if you could perhaps extend the new format I posted above to include the first time they appeared as that mantle, just something basic like this or whatever you decide
  • Black Condor: Richard Grey Jr. (I, Crack Comics #1), etc.
for the first bearer the issue number will probably be their first appearance but say Dick Grayson as Batman or Wally West as Flash or Hector Hall as Extant, etc. it wouldn't be so again, the info would still be fresh and useful and all gathered in one nice place...whereas just crediting issues won't help people know specifically what they want on a certain mantle
I like this a lot. I kinda see the links to Concepts on an issue as "if you want to find out why this concept is here, go to this page." I may play around at formatting on the Mantle page to figure out a way to make this all look good.
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@xerox-kitty:  Thanks! I think I am going to need it! I plan on starting with the smaller golden age DC heroes first, before moving on to the bigger pains, like Flash.
@aztek the lost: Unlike someone like Supergirl, I think I can actually tackle Dr. Fate! I have a nice chunk of his various series (with Kent and Inza, the Strausses, Jared Stevens), but I think I may have to track down some newer appearances. Still, this is a nice challenge that I accept. And while I am not the biggest of fans of Concept pages, I can definitely work on the Mantle page. If acceptable, I'd like to also tag it to issues, but only issues where a mantle changes hands (like when Kid Flash Wally West was given Flash Barry Allen's uniform).
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@aztek the lost said:

@jrh7925: done, although some of your covers are watermarked and will have to be re-replaced "

Ah, that last one was not added by me, but by Malhavok... I had just noticed there were two covers loaded for that issue when I fixing the earlier ones. I've uploaded a non-watermarked (and less blurry) version:
Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #54
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So very well deserved! A shame I was out-of-it, or I would have voted for you as well, even if you didn't want it ;P

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