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Let me just end this right now, Barry uses the speed force, goes back in time and kills all the mutants before they even reach age 1. We did agree that morals were off right? its a JL stomp by speed, MVP goes to Flash for single handedly killing everyone before they get mutant powers.

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@v_scarlotte_rose said:

@magnetic_eye: Would you have wanted Hank to remain in the role, or have someone else take over?

Hank has had several identities, all of which I really like and I believe should be exclusive to him. It's what made him different to all other Marvel characters and is part of the appeal for me. In terms of Ant-Man, I would've liked him to reprise the role from time to time.

The thing about Pym is nowadays is he's more of a legacy character, with Goliath, and all the Antmans. But he always keeps his eyes on the future to make sure new heroes are always on the rise, which to me makes him one of the greatest Avengers ever. Just look at the amount of superheroes he's given powers to, that should be an explanation enough on how deeply Pym's decisions effect the overall universe. That said, I'm one of the few who would rather not have him overlooked. Scott was only good for one thing, introducing us to Cassie. The fact that Marvel killed her off to bring her father back is just silly to me, but to each their own.

Other notable character who became avengers include wolverine, and any x-man, including beast because how many super scientist do the avengers have... and by comparison how many do the x-men have? the dark avengers cause thunderbolts exists. red hulk, spiderman, blade, the fantastic four who should always be better adventurers than superheroes. And any villain who has spent more time being a villain than being a hero, just imo.

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Do you think they purposefully choose mostly POC for this book. Or were they just looking for lesser known characters and everyone happened to be black?

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This battle is kinda a toughy. On the one hand you have Arkillo, whose power ring would make him a high level threat to hulk, he can use it to create constructs to hurt Hulk from a distance, or try to instill fear into hulk, or bring out his inner fears. Now the Hulk being the Hulk idt he has any fears, I remember in a WWH one-shot Trauma tried to used Hulks fear against him, and that almost got him(Trauma) killed. But then again this is Arkillo we're talking about, not some human. So he, not being able to use Hulks fears against him, would then revert to just using constructs to beatdown Hulk, and depending on how long Arkillo allows this to go on for, Hulk could just get madder and madder enough eventually to just smash all the constructs that come out of the ring. I feel like this scenario would happen long before Arkillo's ring ran out of juice. And if Arkillo's smart enough, he would then BFR Hulk, knowing he wouldn't stand a chance anymore. So with BFR Arkillo wins, but without it, I say Hulk wins. I haven't voted yet, so please someone chime in and lmk if i'm right or not, and if BFR is allowed during this fight.

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@oscars94: They could just use other Avengers...

^ This, everytime... So many Avengers Characters they can use, from Antman and Wasp, to Vision, Captain Marvel... hell they could even bring War Machine, and Falcon into it. Seriously, instead of getting into a legal battle and having to resort to tippy toeing around everything, they should just use characters that deserve to be in the movie more than pietro and wanda.

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Nightcrawler - 40

Jean Grey - 29 (-2)

Gambit - 32

Cyclops - 17

Psylocke - 40

Iceman - 40 (+2)

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Nightcrawler - 33

Jean Grey - 23 (-2)

Professor Xavier - 19

Magneto - 15

Gambit - 25

Cyclops - 25

Psylocke - 34

Iceman - 26 (+2)

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Easy answer, Gwen Stacy, the only person he should ever date.

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Nightcrawler - 20

Jean Grey - 14

Kitty Pryde - 3

Professor Xavier - 20

Magneto - 20

Rogue - 16 (+1)

Gambit - 21

Jubilee - 11 (-1)

Cyclops - 23

Psylocke - 22

Iceman - 21

Polaris - 8