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@Gambit1024: Totally agree with you about Liam Neeson. That's who I've always felt would make the best Doctor Strange.

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I'm excited to see this change in Wolverine, because that's what good character do, they change.

@lorex, I would not want to read about a character that in 30 years has not changed one iota. Sorry. And to kind of drive in a point, when Logan found out everything in his past, we are seeing him straddling two lines, resisting the nature of who he has always believed he is (X-Force) and who he wants to believe he can be (X-Men, Avengers).

I can also think of three characters Wolverine developed a father-like bond to in the '80s: Kitty Pryde, Rogue and Jubilee. And this wasn't from some scrub writers that Hugh Jackmanify Wolverine, this was Chris effin Claremont.

I for one think Aaron has done an amazing job at forcing Wolverine to see how his past actions affect other people, especially in his latest arc. I have definitely seen Wolverine taking on more a mentor role because he wants to atone. We've seen it with Idie and even other Avengers. Wolverine knows what he is, a ruthless, savage killer, but what he is struggling with, is whether or not he can truly find redemption and become a hero and someone people look up to.

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Really shocked no one mentioned the collector from the New Avengers that Bendis wrote in his early run. I thought it was interesting that a wealthy civilian wanted supervillain memorabilia and displayed it like trophies.