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In every interview Kirkman sounds like a very friendly and funny person!

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An interesting fact : 
the Penciler Gabe Geko is actually Gabriel Hardman who's worked on such great titles as Agent's of Atlas and Hercules. It's interesting to see an artist's work evolve with time.

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@Edamame:  I haven't read this in a while, but if I'm not mistaken Mr. Sinister is only mentioned, you don't actually get to see him.... I think you have to wait for Fall of the mutants to see him (I've never read that story arc... I know Sinister plays an important role in Inferno... lots of people say that story arc is bad... I enjoyed it though).
Magneto at that time was the leader of the X-men... I don't actually remember seeing him that much...  
Vertigo is part of the Maurauders so you see her quite a bit. 
I hope this helps...  
As it has been mentioned in a previous post, this was collected in the Essential X-men (I recommend this over the trade presented here)... the thor and x-factor issues are contained in the book... and a bunch of other great Claremont stories with art by JRJR, Barry Windsor-smith and Art Adams!!!.
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@Edamame:   It seems a little weird doesn't it, but there is a simple explanation :
Louise Simonson wrote X-Factor... Walter Simonson wrote Thor (and maybe drew X-factor also)....  there be a connection??? 
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Ok  I see now that you do give bad review every now and then!  
Anyway your reviews are always-spot on and you have great insight and background knowledge about everything that goes on in the book and what came before.  
I rarely miss your video reviews even when it's for a book I don't necessarily care for! 
Keep up the good work!
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G-Man you are definitely  a comic enthusiast!  
You're always excited about the comics you review and the lowest rating I've seen you give to a comic is 3,5, which isn't really a bad rating, are there any comics you don't like? or is it that you never review bad book?    

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Does anyone remember the price of trades in the 90s?? They weren't all that popular back then... and you could see that in the prices. Maybe it's because I bought my comics in Canada, but the prices were ridiculous : a 200 page paper-back for 40 canadian $... I guess the exchange rate didn't help much either! 

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Est-ce qu'il y a une grande communauté Francophone sur ce site?.... je viens tout juste de m'incrire.

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Say what you will about Leifield.... He has a very recognisible art style. It takes about half a second identify! It's like Eric Clapton's guitar tone... you just know who it is!     
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This is pretty much what  was said during the three seconds where the actors were speaking french:
The non-Tony Stark guy : " We don't know who this guy is, we don't have any finger print matches or anything.
Stark : "Where is he? "
The non-Tony guy :"Over there! We don't know if he speaks english, french... hell we don't even know even if he can speak at all!!"   
Stark : "can I talk to him?"
The non-Tony guy : "five minutes that's all."
So as you can tell... you guys didn't miss much by not understanding French!