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1. Justice League  2. The Outsiders 3. The Teen Titans  4. Green Lantern Corps  5. Avengers 
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is this like wolverine being on 5 teams or like filling out a superhero entry exam and i get my pick of schools/teams?

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2.Nova Corps

3. Blue Lantern Corps

4.Justice Leauge

5. Secret Avengers

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1. The Outsiders

2. The Outsiders

3. The Outsiders

4. The Outsiders

5. The Outsiders

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Suicide Squad.

Secret Avengers.


Justice Society.


Apparently I want to be on a covert team lol. I mean the first three of course.

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Birds of Prey

Star Sapphire Corps

Gotham City Sirens group

Any place where all the hot looking women are at. :D

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Green Lantern Corps

Justice League International

Guardians of the Globe



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5 teams? We can't all be Wolverine.

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Teen Titans


GL corps

Justice League Dark

Bat Family

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Justice League seems pretty legit.

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@X35: Just teams you would like to be on not saying your going to be on all of them at the same time

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Justice League

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X-Men, Avengers, JL, Teen Titans, Legion

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1. X-Men: Then I go back in time show my teenage self how cool I am. =^-^=

2. Avengers: See 1.

3. Fantastic Four

4. Justice League

5. X-Factor (Havok, Polaris etc..)

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The Best Of The Best

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Avengers, Justice League, Avengers Academy, Young Justice, and SHIELD.

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5: Teen Titans

4: Outsiders

3: Green Lantern Corps

2: JSA

3: Justice Leauge (not Detroit)

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@The Stegman said:

1. Justice League 2. The Outsiders 3. The Teen Titans 4. Green Lantern Corps 5. Avengers

This sums it up for me. But replace either the outsiders or the teen titans with the JSA

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justice leage

teen titans


guardians of the galaxy

justice league beyond

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  • Avengers
  • Annihaltors
  • Justice League
  • Green Lantern Corps
  • Nova Corps
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1. X-Men

2. X-Factor Investigations

3. New X-Men (the X-students team)

4. Teen Titans

5. Avengers

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1) Global Defense Force

2) Avengers

3) Justice League

4) JSA

5) Defenders

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1. the ultimates


3. the x-men

4. red hood and the outlaws

5. justice league

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In no particularly order: 
Green Lantern Corps
Sinestro Corps
Justice League

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In order, 5 being the least preferable, 1 being the most.

5: Outsiders

4: Young Justice

3: Batman Inc.

4: Green Lantern Corps

5: The Outlaws (what guy WOULDN'T want to be on a team with Starfire?)

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Do the Jedi count?

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1. X-men

2. Fantastic Four

3. Avengers

4. Justice League

5. Green Lantern Corps

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  1. Uncanny X-Force
  2. Red Hood and The Outlaws
  3. Secret Avengers
  4. The Ultimates
  5. DC52 Stromwatch
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@Jnr6Lil: Sure why not

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  1. Avengers
  2. Justice League of America
  3. Fantastic Four
  4. Justice Society of America
  5. Squadron Supreme
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Teen Titans

Justice League



Fantastic Four

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1. Justice League

2. Teen Titans


4. X-Men

5. Green Lantern Corp

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- I'm not much of a joiner or follower so I'd start my own team

Posted by TDK_1997

1. Justice League



4.Teen Titans

5.Green Lantern Corps

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  1. X-Force
  2. X-Men
  3. Ultimates
  4. Justice League
  5. Fantastic Four
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1. Runaways

2. Team Arrow

3. Justice League

4. Teen Titans

5. Fantastic Four

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1. Justice League

2. Jedi Order

3. Illuminati (Marvel)

4. Autobots

5. Quintessence

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Illuminati (Marvel)


Birds Of Prey

can only think of 3 don't really care about any others.

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@WarMachineMarkV: That is cool idea so what would you call your team

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1. Teen Titans

2. Young Justice

3. Young Avengers

4. Justice League

5. Avengers

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@JPWolf5 said:

@WarMachineMarkV: That is cool idea so what would you call your team

- I really have not put much thought into it so i do not have a catchy team name in mind

- I would really have to consider what style of team fits best in the current climate of the Marvel U which I would call " total cluster f*ck"

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1. Avengers

2. X-men

3. Green Lantern Corps

4. Fantastic Four

5. Blue Lantern Corps

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1. Teen Titans

2. Justice Society of America

3. The Avengers

4. Green Lantern Corps

5. Lady Liberators (doesn't matter if I'm a dude, I'd still join anyway) ;)

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@JPWolf5 said:

@Jnr6Lil: Sure why not

Than I would join them.