Jim Carrey Denonces Kick-Ass 2

So Jim Carrey is refusing to promote Kick-Ass 2 because of its violent content especially after the tragic events of Newtown, Connecticut. Does this make since to anyone if he was ok with the violence before Newtown what does that truly say about his mind set, as well as if the violence bothers him now should he in protest return the money he was paid to the studios instead of just refusing to promote the movie. Then again is Carrey justified in his actions? I mean most of us have read Kick-Ass 2 and yeah we can't deny there is violence, but is violence alone a reason to protest this film? (Personally I don't think violent content creates violence), but WHAT DO YOU THINK, has violence in comics (or any form of media for that matter) created violence in our society, or does the violence in our society create violence content in are media, or do you not even care?

By the way no matter what Jim Carrey does or says I still going to see Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall.


Sir Ben Kingsley in Iron Man 3

So it was announced that Kingsley will be play the "Villain" in the next Iron Man movie. I think since they are bringing in Kingsley that the Mandarin would be a sure bet but the announcement denied that the Mandarin would be the villain, so who do you think Kingsley will be portraying in Iron Man 3?